Nendoroid News: Good Smile Company Newsletter 2015.09.25

Welcome to the (supposed) bi-weekly feature, Nendoroid News! Weekly, I get newsletters from the official Nendoroid store, Good Smile Company. It seems there’s not really a news blog for strictly Nendoroid updates other than upcoming figures or other scaled goods. This will (try) to be updated every other Tuesday so please look out for it.

Please note that this segment will focus on Nendoroids, whether petite, regular, plus, or co-ode, if it has Nendoroid that prefixes it, that means it’s going to be posted here (unless there’s just not enough news to cover it).



Wonder Festival 2015 (Summer) Nendoroid Wishlist!

Yay! It’s that time of year!

For those of you who don’t know, Wonderfest is a bi-annual event that’s held in Chiba, Japan. There’s one in the winter and there’s one in the summer. Usually, this event is to show off the upcoming figures, toys, or “garage kits” made by companies like Good Smile Company, Phat, and many others for potential customers to buy.

Naturally, since I’m more interested in nendoroids more than anything, this time I turned to the My Figure Collection’s usermade list about the upcoming nendroids this season (thank you for all the hard work)!

Of course I’m going to pick and choose nendroids I want most this year but there might be some ones I just want to talk about this season’s wishlist. It’s a very interesting trend I’m noticing!