Wonder Festival 2015 (Winter) Nendoroid Wishlist!

Finally, it’s that time~!

For those of you who don’t know, Wonderfest is a bi-annual event that’s held in Chiba, Japan. There’s one in the winter and there’s one in the summer. Usually, this event is to show off the upcoming figures, toys, or “garage kits” made by companies like Good Smile Company, Phat, and many others for potential customers to buy.

Naturally, since I’m more interested in nendoroids more than anything, this year I turned to the My Figure Collection’s usermade list about the upcoming nendoroids this season (thank you for the all the hard work)!

Of course, I’m going to pick and choose nendoroids I personally want most this year but there’s actually a slight change to this year’s wishlist. You’ll see why when it comes…



Pre-Ordered: Solid Snake from Metal Gear 2 figma

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2 (MFC link)

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2 (MFC link)

Wow! Something that’s not a nendoroid! But yes, this is one of the rare times where I managed to pre-order a figma, although it is for Chu. I mean, they recently alerted the fans that the pre-orders were going to continue until December 24th. The thing though, Good Smile Company had spiked up the price to that similar to a scaled figure. Man, this is just a figma!

figmas are like nendoroids in the sense that you can play with them, change parts, change poses while scales, you really couldn’t. Not to mention, it’s a Konami product. They know that people will pay whatever price it is to get it.

It’s something that’s fair enough because I know I’m the same way towards anything else so I can’t really criticize it, especially since there’s a new Metal Gear Solid game out coming out. When, I don’t know… But the thing that really deterred me away from pre-ordering on the Good Smile Company site itself:

Goodsmile Online Shop Pre-Order Bonus
・’Handgun’ and ‘figma Cardboard Box’

That’s it? And they’re charging 7,800 yen for that? I looked at the ‘figma Cardboard Box’ and it’s just the Orange box with the figma logo on it. I actually looked at the Ami Ami version to see what he’ll come with (standard issue), and he’s already coming with a box and a carbine.

I suppose I guess I can see the appeal of the handgun extra but still. That’s still steep.