Liebster Award 2015: 「Let’s Do This!」

It’s been a while since I was last nominated for a blog award! I should really be more active in the anime blogosphere… Anyway, I was nominated by miharusshi of Anime Vios!

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So let’s answer her questions!



Check Out the Dere★Project!

One day, I was browsing through my twitter when I noticed that someone new had followed me. I checked them out and that’s when I discovered the Dere★Project! How unique!

What is the Dere★Project? According to the site:

A 54 card mascot deck inspired by Otaku moe culture.

From what I gather, they take four of the most well-known “deres” known in the fandom: Tsun, Kuu, Yan, and Dan.

The go on a little bit more in detail:

These four terms are all part of the otaku “moe” phenomenon that has been growing in popularity these past few years, and in particular are called “gap-moe” traits.

Moe is a hard word to define, but it embodies the feeling of attraction or cuteness in a character or even a person.

Gap-moe is a particular type of moe which derives its value from a “gap” in the character’s personality. The 4 examples here are considered a type of gap-moe because of the stark contrast between the dere side and their other half.

They include the type of personality traits each of the four girls would have. Not only that, each girl is drawn by a different artist that shows off their traits. As for the cards themselves, here’s what they’re planning to have for it:

The deck consists of 54 cards – 4 suits of 13 and 2 Jokers. The 3 face cards of each suit are full detailed illustrations of each girl representing the suit. For example, in the Tsundere suit, the K, Q, J shows a custom tsun-tsun, tsundere, and dere-dere illustration of the girl in that order. The Ace card has a special design and the 2-10 will show her expression and body pose ranging from tsun-tsun to dere-dere.

Oh, wow. That’s quite a lot of work for those artists but based on the samples that has been posted, it’s going to be well worth it. There’s not a lot up right now, besides their blog (which seems to be updating pretty frequently) – but that time while waiting is spent nicely.

There’s a variety of topics ranging from Weekly 4Komas to regular ol’ discussions (but there is an incredible amount of research dedicated). Of course, they do talk about their characters and draw them! Maybe if I drew fanart, would they post it on their blog? I guess there’s only one way to find out, right?

The art, though, is what draws me into this project! Right now, you can sign up for an email newsletter so you can keep track of updates from the blog news about the project (or if you just want to check out the Weekly 4Koma strip) so that’s one of the reasons why I decided to blog about it: I really want to own a set and I really want this project to be successful! Who doesn’t love those deres?!

My favorite one will probably be the Tsundere because I always gravitate to those types even in real life! What’s your favorite dere?

To get instant updates on the Dere★Project, please check out their blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and DeviantART! Be sure to sign up as well if you’re interested in this unique playing deck! I know I am!