Project Magic!!!

Project Magic!! is my personal project, and excuse, to try and watch all the magical girl shows that’s available and to talk about it! My goal is to hopefully bring more obscure shows in the fore front and hopefully get more people interested in the series itself.

The series will be generated by a private generator so it could help me create a truly random effect for what series I should watch and write about next.

Here’s my guidelines to make sure I do this project proper:

  • No hentai magical girl anime. Ecchi is allowed but as long as it’s not the sole focus of the show, it’s fair game.
  • No manga – strictly anime. Any magical girl manga reviews will be put under the Manic Manga category.
  • Parodies are allowed unless they break the hentai/ecchi rule.
  • One series will be posted every two weeks on Friday. Currently, I am on hiatus for this.
  • I will watch the entire anime collection available (including OVAs, movies, specials) unless the anime itself is an OVA.

Please note that these guidelines can change at any time! Thank you for understanding! ^^

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Project Magic

Instead of digging through the pages, you can instead press Ctrl + F (or Command + F). Please support me by telling your friends about this project to hopefully spread the word about it! If you want to suggest a magical girl anime, please subscribe to my Patreon! It’ll also help me gain access to those magical girl shows that’s harder to get. ^_^