Some videos I uploaded on YouTube. Feel free to check them out!

Opening Box: Giveaway from Chic Pixel (Video)

I didn’t get a chance until now to upload it, but I’ve won a giveaway from the awesome Anne Lee of Chic Pixel back in Valentine’s Day! I really want to thank her for being so patient for this video, which should have been posted a lot sooner than what it was.

The figures that came with the box will still get their own posts one of these days (when I stop being lazy) so watch out for those!

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Impulse Buy: Some Anime Keychains! (Video)

First of all, I want to apologize for my severe lack of updates lately! I have been dealing with a lot of personal things lately that’s preventing me from updating. I have a pretty sizeable backlog, apart from Project Magic, of course, so hopefully I’ll find some time to post them.

But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t treat myself every so often, right? ^^ I got these keychains at Ami Ami, by the way!

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