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About The Blogger.

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Hey, everyone! My name is Lily but my handle on this blog is mahouidol. All it simply means is “magic idol”. Anyway, I really like anime, and such, I really like anime figures. If it’s not obvious enough, I also really like Nendoroids. While Chu (the boyfriend) is more of a figma boy, I’ll always remain true and loyal to nendoroids and their cuteness! I can’t really explain it why I love them so much, but maybe I’ll make a post about it one of these days! My story is fairly boring but I was born in August 27, 1987, and thus makes me a Virgo (western zodiac) and a Fire Rabbit (Chinese zodiac).

A friend of mine had started her own small collection of nendoroids and I had started to get interested in them but it would be a good while (until December 2013) that I would receive my first Nen, but I wouldn’t open this blog until January 26th, 2014!

And yes, I am a NEET.

About This Blog

Nendoroid Cuties is just a dumpling blog where I can talk about the upcoming figures I want along with comments, thoughts, etc about certain things. ^^ I’m still learning a lot of about figures so please be patient with me~!

I will post about anime/manga or even sometimes anime merchandise or even video games (as well as otome and Boys Love games). I love analyzing characters so please read it when you have time. Why do I do this even though the name of my blog is about nendoroids?

So I don’t do anything stupid and buy more than I can handle. Surprisingly, I have very little self control…

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