Nendoroid News: Good Smile Company Newsletter 2015.08.04

Welcome to a new weekly feature on Nendoroid Cuties! Weekly, I get newsletters from the official Nendoroid store, Good Smile Company but a lot of times, it seems that there’s not really a news blog for Nendoroid updates other than upcoming figmas or other scaled goods. This will be updated every Tuesday so please look out for it.

Please note that this update will focus on Nendoroids, whether petite, regular, plus, or co-ode, if it has Nendroid that pre-fixes it, then that means it’s going to be posted here, unless there’s just not enough Nendoroid news to cover it.

In any case, let’s get to it!

Preorder Now!

Kotori Minami (training ver.) from Love Live!

Kotori Minami (training ver.) from Love Live! (MFC link)

Recently, it’s been announced that the Nendoroid of Kotori Minami from Love Live! (training version) is out for preorder right now for ¥3,500. According to the website, it looks like orders can be placed from August 4th, 2015 from 12:00JST until September 2nd, 2015 at 21:00JST. Her expected release date is December 2015.

Here’s the bonus items she’s going to come with if you pre-order on the Good Smile Company website:

  • Special Nendoroid Background Sheet (Blue Sky)
  • Special Nendoroid Stand

…And that’s it. It does appear that she comes with a little notebook that has the drawings of the outfit she, Honoka, and Umi came out when they first formed their school idol group. She’s a great addition to the now growing training version nendoroids that’s coming out now! Right now, Umi is still up for pre-orders so start that collection soon!

Upcoming Preorder Deadlines!

Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (MFC link)

Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (MFC link)

The Nendoroid version of Raiden, from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is ending his preorder period on August 5th, 2015. You can preorder him before the deadline over here for ¥5,000.

Here’s actually the bonuses that one would get if you pre-ordered from the Good Smile Company website:

  • Original “Shikishi” illustration by Yoji Shinkawa
  • An expression that’s based on the aforementioned illustration

And that’s it for the notable bonuses other than the extra parts (box, naked body, etc) which may be worth the high price tag! I would love to own this one…

Notable Good Smile Company News

It appears that Good Smile Company will be attending Comic Market88 (click here to get booth information). While it doesn’t seem they’re selling any significant Nendoroids (regular or otherwise), they are selling some exclusive items that are interesting and are still part of the Nendoroid family.

Nendoroid Plus: Rubber Straps & Clear File LoveLive! Training Outfit Ver. Set

Nendoroid Plus: Rubber Straps & Clear File LoveLive! Training Outfit Ver. Set

It’s only natural that they would release a training version of the famous school idol group as rubber stamps, especially since the Nendoroids are coming out! How exciting! I’d would love the entire box, honestly… But the entire box is going to go for ¥5,000 with a max of 3 per person!

Nendoroid Plus! LoveLive! T Shirt #2 (S/M/L/XL)

Nendoroid Plus! LoveLive! T Shirt #2 (S/M/L/XL)

Here is apparently another tshirt from Love Live! This shirt is going to be ¥3,000 each and everyone can only get a maximum 3 per person. How cute is this? But I’d probably would have to get an XL for myself if I could ever get these.

Nendoroid Plus LoveLive! Sports Towel

Nendoroid Plus LoveLive!
Sports Towel

Now you can get μ’s support when you play sports! Again, 3 per person maximum, this towel is costs around ¥2,000 but it’d still be a great addition to show how proud μ’s is when you work out, play sports, or just bring it anywhere with you!

To see more of what Good Smile Company are going to bring to their booth at Comic Market, please click here! Is there anything from there you’re looking forward to?

Weekly Poll

Here’s this week’s poll from Good Smile Company:

At what point do you feel satisfied when it comes to a figure of a character you like?

For me, personally, I have to own the figure. While I do have a small start of these Nendoroid cuties, I would love to celebrate and show off my love for my favorite characters and series a lot more than this, but right now, it’s hard to find a job that I can stick to and save up for them. How about you? How do you feel about this? Be sure to vote here and comment here to elaborate your choice!

Want me to review any of the figures featured here? Please support me on my Patreon!


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