A TL;DR Essay: “Corpse Party” Is Getting A Live Action Movie?

It was recently announced that the game, “Corpse Party” will be getting a live action adaption. And as you can see from the trailer, it appeared that only the girls from Kisaragi Academy would show up (Ayumi, Naomi, Mayu, & Seiko). It’s also announced that a member of AKB48 and Nogizaki46, Rina Ikoma, will take Naomi’s role (which will be her first role).

Honestly, I’m a little unsure about this.

The costumes and, I suppose, the casting is fine – I don’t really follow the Japanese actors much. Though, just basing everything on the trailer alone, it doesn’t look too good. There’s one scene in particular where Ayumi sees “organs” on the stairs and the camera does a spooky close up on it but, honestly, the “organs” actually look more like chicken thrown on the ground and made to look gross.

Granted, it does look gross but maybe not in the way that they expected. The school itself looked way too clean to be Heavenly Host (it doesn’t even look like an elementary school!) and it honestly looked like they shot this in day for night. In fact, the actress for Ayumi looked like she was going to laugh in certain scenes!

It’s said that that the movie will follow the game’s story (newer version) but if one didn’t look up any information regarding the movie, people would automatically assume it’s going to be all about the girls. Anime News Network, as well as Memories of Fear, say that one actor, Ryosuke Ikekoka, will be Satoshi – so it looks like the boys will be in the movie as well.

But the trailer is apparently only for the Kisaragi Festival? That’s a little confusing and it’s also misleading.

Judging by the other English-speaking fans’ reactions (or at least those who even know about it), it’s clear that everyone, including me, are very confused about this decision because: no one asked for this. The Anime Man went into more detail about this movie as well as some Japanese fans reactions and I have to agree with him on that point. I don’t think fans really wanted this to be a live action for various reasons – it works better as a game because of the atmosphere, the story, and the puzzles involved in it.

For me, personally, I’m on the same wavelength, more or less.

I’m confused on why they feel that a “Corpse Party” live action movie is needed when the OVAs didn’t seem to do very well (at all) and it’s a very niche fandom, even in Japan.

A lot of the plot points in the series probably would look extremely silly in real life (or maybe too intense considering the huge amount of gore and especially since the majority of the victims in Heavenly Host are under the age of 18) and it probably won’t translate very well in a live action movie unless there’s actual effort into it.

But if this is the trailer that’s introduced as the movie, I’m confused how they’re supposed to attract the fans into the idea of the live action, forget about casual movie goers.

Another thing that I was worried about is that, the characters won’t actually look like their counterparts and act like how they do in the game. This was a problem with the live action movie with the “Phoenix Wright” or, rather, “Ace Attorney” movie made back in 2012. In the “Ace Attorney” games, you have the Japanese version and then the English version.

The English version had an amazing localization team and managed to turn the city into an alternate version of Los Angeles and it has a huge following. In fact, a lot of fans, including me, actually prefer the English version rather than using the original names. Not only that, it’s extremely campy. You can tell this world was not set in a “real” world and felt very much more fantasy than a dystopia that it actually is.

My point, though, is “Ace Attorney” almost got away with an awkward live action because a lot of the things that happens in the games are silly and hilarious anyway – it’s more of a celebration of that silliness.

A game like “Corpse Party” on the other hand, you really can’t do that in its adaption. “Corpse Party” is a horror game, despite all the gorey scenes. It’s atmospheric. It’s a mystery. It’s a ghost story. You have to get the viewer immersed into the world and get them to care about the characters in the span of, say, two hours. The game does this very well and it can get the player immersed if they’re involved with the story and care about the characters.

According to Anime News Network, the “Corpse Party” is planned to start filming on March 15 so who knows when it’s planning to come out. But apparently there was also an Ao Oni movie?

Either way, that explains why not only “Corpse Party” is coming to the 3DS but an additional scene will show up there too. Eh. I’m much more interested in that new scenario without much criticism or comments, honestly. This feels trip will never end.

If you want to keep track of the news about the “Corpse Party” movie, check out the Twitter: @corpsemovie!

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  1. I really hope that the moovie is as good as the anime…although in my opinion, the games were better, since the anime only had…what? Four chapters? It was kinda sad….I was actually expecting more. And idk why I expected to see Seiko with that wierd hairstyle irl too xD
    Do you know when it might come out? :3

    1. The anime isn’t very good honestly. It focused more on the gore and fanservice so the game is definitely better in that regard. :3 As for the release date, I heard it’s coming out in the summer but since we’re now in summer, I haven’t heard anything new…. Sorry. :c

      1. Yeah, I totes agree with you. But the animation from my point of view was quite awesome (als, can someone plz explain why do thEY ALWAYS KILL MY BABY SEIKO LIKE COME ON DUUUUDEEEEEE) and yeah, the games were better….
        Anyways, thanks! I’ll just stay at home untill this movie comes out xD

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