Happy Birthday, Nendoroid Cuties!

Holy crap! Nendoroid Cuties is 1 year old today! Honestly, I had been preparing for this day for a long time! Mostly, “what should I do in the future?” and “what can I do to improve this blog?”

Granted, I’ve been posting as much Manic Manga as I could (without clogging up your feeds or emails too much!) and, slowly but surely, I’m still working on that 30-Day Challenge. Okay, sure, this is the first year I’ve participated – and actually finished! – the 12 Days of Anime (just look for the 2014 entries).

I also started to work on my Project Magic!! as well! It’s really exciting because I’m kind of tired of people looking at the magical girl genre as something silly or without meaning (and that certain genres are better) just because they don’t prefer it or they’re not the demographic. Okay, that’s fine – they can like whatever they want. However, my point is to bring forth some shows that could get people’s interest and hopefully start venturing more into the genre than just “Sailor Moon”, “Cardcaptor Sakura”, or any other mainstream shows.

I really should start defending this show more often.

I really should start defending this show more often.

But, despite all these extra posts, my figure collection had grown a little bit, even including some impulse buys here and there!

Let’s just hope with the recent launch of my Patreon, I could get even more nendoroids in the near future!

Although, there’s always plans!

For the next year, let’s try to accomplish:

  • More nendoroid reviews! But that’s only if I can afford it…
  • Nendoroid news? I do have a reliable source for that, but the problem is that there could be days that I won’t always update. Although, I could do what Yami Usagi does and update it once a week
  • Manic Manga? A given! I love manga! I can’t stop reading and I can’t stop talking about it! I need this space to talk about the manga I loved and the manga I despised!
  • Project Magic? Of course! Another given! I love magical girl shows and hopefully, I can actually post them on Friday instead of being late…
  • Post pictures! I may not have the best camera but I hope that I can at least practice with what I have. I want to create pictures and scenarios where it’ll show off these nendoroids’ cuteness! There’s still a lot of people who don’t understand their appeal and I hope to bring that out!
  • Watch more anime! Of course, this is always a given. With how the winter season looks alone, it’s going to be hard to keep up with all of them. Sometimes, I like to sit back and wait for the episodes to come out so I can marathon it but if I want to start doing weekly episodic posts, I have better stay on time!
  • …and so much more! 2015 is still fairly new and I’m trying so hard to do new things that’ll help me feel better about myself. It’s been a long struggle, especially since I had a very strong depression for a really long time. It’s still a struggle. Every day, it’s tempting to just go back under my blanket, watch anime, and be nothing more than a bump on a log.

This post was longer than I anticipated but I really do want to post in next year’s post how things have changed — for the better! Let’s do this together, okay? Stay cute!



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