30-Day Anime Challenge: Favorite Couple

Day 08: Your Favorite Anime Couple

I’ve only mentioned this in another post earlier but I’m just going to reiterate: Juvia Lockser and Gray Fullbuster, from “Fairy Tail”, are definitely my favorite couple! I really enjoy their chemistry and even though Gray wants her to chill out, it seems that he’s slowly, but surely, coming around. Hang in there, Juvia!

Gray is the ice user in the guild, and part of Team Natsu, who takes off his clothes at the sheer whiff of a battle while Juvia plays it cool (when she’s not fangirling Gray, of course), and assesses her enemy before striking.

Once, though, he and Juvia were enemies. He didn’t pull back during their fight, which earned Juvia’s respect — even if she didn’t win. After the fight, despite Gray being cautious, Juvia proved that she truly belonged to the Fairy Tail Guild.

Ironically, Gray’s longtime rival, Lyon Vastia, ended up falling for her but we all know who she’ll end up with! Stay strong, Juvia! Gray knows you’re eternally loyal to him!

But it’s not just the fact that Gray bested Juvia in a fight. She protects him too. She always tries her best to fight alongside the guild, for as long Gray is there. When she found out that someone was trying to kill Gray, she almost sacrificed her life to stop her – in order to protect Gray. Not only that, she unleashed all her power to do her best to stop her. It barely worked but Gray didn’t know about it till after he took good care of her.

If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is!



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