30-Day Anime Challenge: Anime Crush

Day 07: Your Anime Crush

This was extremely hard to answer since there’s a few reasons: 1) I have way too many anime crushes. 2) How do I narrow the list down?! 3) Who should I pick?

Well, if you couldn’t tell, the answer is fairly obvious. I went with Kuroh Yatogami from K Project. I call him my “bias breaker.”

You see, I have a type. I always go for the blonde, the tsundere, and usually one who wears glasses. It never fails. If I were to actually post my anime crushes, not only it’d be long but you’ll understand what I mean when I say he’s a “bias breaker”. Don’t get me wrong, Kuroh is still very much a tsundere type and he’s very noble like.

And yet, I can’t help but have a crush on him! He’s very loyal to his master long after he’s passed and follows orders. He’s so dreamy! I suppose it doesn’t help either that he has really beautiful black long hair too!


  1. Woah Anime crushes!!! One of the hardest to decide on lol.. Like every anime of course we have someone we likeeeee so much xD In K project I will worship Makoto-samaaaa lol

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