Game Review #001: Pirate Mermaid (Demo)

The Pirate Mermaid

The Pirate Mermaid (Demo)

Title: The Pirate Mermaid (Demo)
Developer: Variable X Games & NSEY Studios
Language: English
Download?Freeware (Demo)
Rating: ★★★★★

Ever since your father died searching for the mermaids’ treasure, you’ve sworn to fulfill his dream yourself. Becoming a pirate was the best way of accomplishing that goal… until your mutinous crew dumped you overboard during the biggest storm of the century.

Miraculously, you are saved and found by a sorcerer who will make you a magical contract – with a catch. He’ll transform you into a mermaid so you can grab the treasure, if you bring him a red vial from the mermaid treasury. If you fail, you’ll be turned into a lobster for his dinner.

Now you have six days before the spell ends. Will you become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Fail the contract and become lobster bisque? Perhaps you’ll fall in love with the mermaid prince or sorcerer…

Or corrupt them into joining your evil pirate ways. Everything after the cut is a spoiler. Please read with caution and also note that I will never show the choice menus as will as it will probably ultimately spoil the experience for my readers.

The demo starts off with a back story on the MC, you. Apparently, her father was a fisherman and while they were pretty well off, he’s heard about the mermaid’s treasure when he landed on an island that had golden sand. He believed it to be true so while he would go out on his fishing trips, he’d go back to the supposed location of the treasure and kept promising MC that he’ll make her the richest girl in the world.

What makes it sad is that, he would give her seaweed and shells – either pretending they were jewels or not or actually thinking they were jewelry. Eventually, madness took over her father and he died at sea. Very soon, the MC’s mother passed away but she makes the MC promise her one thing: tear up the maps so the MC would not become mad like her father. The MC does so but actually tapes the maps back up because she promised her father, and herself, that she’ll be the richest girl in the world.

It then opens up to the MC and her pet parrot, Jack, on board the ship:

A pirate ship. Apparently, the MC had done some things she probably shouldn’t have in order to achieve her dream. As it turns out, though, she’s not just part of the pirate ship, she’s the freaking captain! (`・ω・´)ゞ She still kept the old maps from the beginning and is just hungry for the treasure.

The MC talks to herself and laughs along with her equally hungry Jack (who calls them ‘shinies’) as they sail off to the area where her father supposedly discovered the island.

Oh wait, let's give her a name first.

Oh wait, let’s give her a name first.

I’ve read on the one of the developers’ blogs (in the comments) that her default name is actually Christie. But I’ve decided to go with Lily because that’s my name and it’s just a demo after all. (●´艸`) I mean…Maybe I’ll keep it when the full game is released.



Not gonna lie, I love the facial expressions!

Not gonna lie, I love the facial expressions!

。゚(TヮT)゚。 I guess even parrots crave money -- er shinies

。゚(TヮT)゚。 I guess even parrots crave money — er shinies

Then, she meets her crew:

And her (sexist) first mate:

How meta.

How meta.

Anyway, the reason why he’s such a butthole is because he decided to attack her because she kept making fun of his height. You don’t have to worry about actual fighting mechanics as it’s automatic (spoiler: she wins because she hits him on his bad knee).

The crew had been calling Captain Lily crazy or Captain Cuckoo because they had been on the voyage for days and hadn’t eaten properly because Lily felt that they were extremely close to the treasure. First Mate Hoge, as he’s known, was trying to rally up the troops into kicking her out because she had been looking for the treasure all this time.

Just when she managed to stifle them, the storm hits. As Captain Lily tries to keep the ship steady, that’s when the crew members grabbed her and Jack and threw them onto the life boat; but not before Hoge grabs her captain’s hat.

Lost in the lifeboat that’s quickly sinking and as the ship leaves the bird and girl, Captain Lily tries to find a way to get back on the ship to get back her status as captain. However, even Jack said it was hopeless and they decided to just drown as it was too far away to fly or swim.

Captain Lily falls into the ocean and is about to drown when she hears and, maybe, someone reaching out to her.

“Take my hand.”

Naturally, she takes his hand. Who is this mysterious merman? Why did he help Captain Lily out? Before these questions could even have a hint of an answer, Lily blacks out.

Then, she awakens. It didn’t take long for her to realize that it’s the very same island that her father had landed on all those years ago. Of course, she was worried about her parrot but once she found Jack was okay, they decided to try to get some lunch.

That was when Lily spots the coconut tree and decided to climb on.

There's an animation when she climbs up the tree!! (^v^)

There’s an animation when she climbs up the tree!! (^v^)

As she’s climbing the tree, though, she throws down the coconuts on the sand!

Wait, who is that?!

Wait, who is that?!

Lily gets scared at the stranger below and starts throwing all the coconuts from the tree (again, the animation for this part is just so cute!). The strange man below actually…captures all of them?! He puts them away and then he just starts walking off. Lily, angry and annoyed that this butthole just stole her lunch, calls out of after him and fell off the tree!

The background is also animated too! They really went all out on this, didn't they?

The background is also animated too! They really went all out on this, didn’t they?

But the stranger saves her by making her float. He drops her on the sand and tells her not to follow him. So what does Lily do?

She tries to flirt with him and goad him into letting her go with him but he sees right through her act and gets annoyed. ((( ̄へ ̄井) He makes his way to a little house which looked gross as hell (thank god there wasn’t a new CG shot for that from how Lily described it <( ̄︶ ̄)>).

Typically, she starts to steal from him while trying to clean it up but Jack follows in Lily’s lead in stealing and starts to swallow the booty he finds until he actually knocks over a bunch of dirty dishes. It got to a point where the sorcerer-kun actually starts powering up. But thankfully he can’t do shit because Lily & Jack are the protagonists. 。゜(゜^ェ^゜)゜。

So in an effort to kick Lily and Jack out before they cause any more ruckus, Lily proposes that she gets the mermaid treasure (since he figured out she’s a pirate anyway) so she could be out of his hair forever if he would just do her this favor.

For the most part, he agrees. He keeps trying to say how Lily will inevitably fail so he was about to give her a transformation potion Jack was incidentally fucking around with until…

Dammit Jack!

Dammit Jack!

Understandably angry, he tells Lily to just learn the spell herself or become a sorcerer in 15 years. Then, the sorcerer decides to bargain with Lily. If she gets him a red vial from the Mermaid Treasury for him, she can keep the treasure for herself and live however she wants to – therefore, she “wins”. However, if she “loses”, she becomes a lobster for his dinner.

And Lily only has six days to do it.

But then, Lily asks if there’s another way to break the spell…

Of course it is.

Of course it is.

After that, the two of them shake hands for Lily to become a mermaid by his magic. Six days is her time limit and, based on the choices you make as Captain Lily (or Christie or whatever you decided to name the MC). The sorcerer grabs her hands and started to cast magic to Lily.

The pain is unbearable as Lily feels her body turning into a mermaid. The sorcerer gives her a reminder to get the red vial & that she should give back all the stuff she stole from him. After a bit more banter from the two, Lily eventually goes into the ocean with the last warning from the sorcerer: “Stay away from the mermaid prince! He’ll bring nothing but disaster!”

She pretty much ignored him after that and swam to the bottom of the ocean, or at least tried. She kept swimming until she got tired but realized that someone followed her. She tries to swim and realizes that she just couldn’t swim anymore. I chose to give whomever it was that was following her a sneak attack because I thought that would be something I would do!

Once she struck him, he rubbed his head and stopped following her for a moment. But resumed. The two ended up getting chased by surface guards and that’s when Lily saw the face of the one who was following her:

But wait...why does this scene seem familiar?

But wait…why does this scene seem familiar?

As it turns out, she did figure out that it was him who had indeed rescue her (but she’s not going to admit it to him right away). However, because both of them had escaped but it didn’t take long until the guards had found them. Lily had mentioned that her bird-fish, Jack, had swam all the way out there but he was missing.

But he wasn’t missing anymore when they saw him trying to get his “shinies” from the guards – which let them right to them! |・ω・`) The chase is on again but one of the guards threw a spear that caused a rock to hurt Lily’s tail! However, there was no time for that – Lily and the merman had to swim away!

Eventually, they reach to a place where they could talk where the merman once again offers some help:

Earlier, Lily noted how her clothes had suddenly changed from her pirate garb to the clothes she’s wearing now. She called out the sorcerer about it but the sorcerer claimed that it was mermaid garb. On the contrary, the merman here said that it wasn’t. That butthole! ╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮

Anyway, Lily devised up a fake back story about her mermaid self as well as a fake story about Jack as, obviously, merebirds aren’t that common. Then, he reveals that he’s actually the prince! The prince!! (゜◇゜) Okay, everyone could kind of figure out it’s the prince but what you didn’t know is that he had a name! The sorcerer didn’t have a name (or at least that I paid attention to) but the prince’s name is actually Mikali.

Soon, the guards catch up with them yet again and threatened to throw Lily in the dungeon. However, Mikali stopped them from going and ended up apologizing to her for not saying anything sooner. He then invites her to the royal palace to stay until…

Aw, okay...

Aw, okay…

Oh okay. Well, I guess that’s okay then. A demo can only go so far. Here’s what my stats are so far:

Anyway, that’s the demo for The Pirate Mermaid!

I actually had a lot of fun with this! Only because it was something I didn’t really expect! I’ve read a review from Ran’s blog and decided to give it a try. And I’m glad I did! The mechanics are nice and I adore the art! While the main character is pretty average as far as pirate-types, but she’s endearing in her own way. Of course, you can do whatever you want to with the choices that’s presented but I’m not sure what kind of ending I would get even if I did try!

And plus, with the full game that comes out, there’s going to be an option where you could turn the prince and the sorcerer into pirates (!!!) which I think is an interesting mechanic I don’t think I’ve heard of.

What would I do when the game comes out? I would probably make the prince fall in love with me and have a wild wind romance with him and see if I could get that ‘true love’s kiss’… and then try him for the piracy. Can you imagine a merman pirate? Anyway, why did I pick this to sort of review first? Because it’s extremely relevant to my interests! I’ve always been fascinated by pirates and mermaids, and more recently, otome games! So this is the perfect game for me to start out with.

I actually can’t wait till I can play the full game and I’ve also read that the game will be free so that’ll be something else to look forward to! Would you play this game?



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