Top Five Overhyped Anime of 2014

So with 2014 walking out the door (finally), a lot of anime bloggers out there are typing up furiously and posting as quick as they could on the top whatever anime they enjoyed this year. Now, I’m kind of doing the opposite. This doesn’t mean I actually hated the anime itself or think it’s bad. In fact, this list is just a personal list of anime that I couldn’t stop hearing about all year round for one reason or another.

Honestly, I’ve watched most of these, if not plan to watch on a later date, and I have my own opinions about it. It just doesn’t mean it’s any less overhyped. If you noticed on my own My Anime List, I tend to want to watch things when the hype dies down. Alright, let’s get to it already!

05. Haikyuu!!

All I know about this anime is that: it’s taking “Kuroko’s Basketball”‘s place as one of the top sports manga/anime within the community. I know there are actually two nendoroids of a couple of the characters coming out (one of them is in the picture above) so I’m not going to underestimate its presence.

I don’t mind shounen sports anime at all it’s just that — sometimes things happen and I fall behind. And then more episodes come out and I’m just so lost… I keep getting reccommendations for this one though. And yes, I will watch this!! Just as soon as I’m sure it’s done…

04. Yowamushi Pedal

Here’s yet another one for the sports shounen community: cute boys doing cute things while bike racing. Unlike “Haikyuu!”, this is one anime I’m pretty close to actually finishing (just being really lazy about it). It’s enjoyable and I can enjoy the characters individually… well, within their teams.

However, I can’t deny the sheer amount of fanworks this anime has produced from its fans and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. I haven’t seen any figures or notable merchandise, at least in my scope, that piqued my interest. In any case, with the amount of OVAs, movies, and spin off series that’s going to come up in the next year, there’s really not much else to say about it.

03. Free!!

Even without the second season that aired this past summer, “Free!!” wouldn’t have needed the extra hype. After all, it survived its existence just by being a commercial after all. Not only that, with all the merchandise that has no clear of stopping any time soon, I think we’re going to keep seeing it around for a long time.

And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyoto Animation decided to release some OVAs, a movie, and maybe possibly a third season (for no other reason other than to get that fujioshi money). It was a fun ride while it lasted but eventually, you’ll have to get out of the pool sometime.

02. Kill la Kill

Even though the series ended earlier this year, the hype train is still going. With claims that “[‘Kill la Kill’] saved anime!” and “the fanservice has a point to it!” and “it has a really comprehensible plot!”, it’s not hard to keep the conversation going about this anime. TRIGGER did it right when they just threw their plot cards in the air and used whatever card the found to use as an episode for this anime.

For better or for worse, this anime had brought to light conversations about fanservice and its use versus exploiting the female characters for the sake of fanservice. Also for better or for worse, the characters are there. That’s all I really gotta say about it.

01. Sailor Moon: Crystal

I’m sure we all saw this coming. For as much as I love the series, it was everywhere and is still very much everywhere. From merchandise, to clothes, cosplay, fanart, and everything else in between (and even fanmade), there’s only so much a fan can take! While it is good to see all the merchandise and other things available to those who have the means now, it’s still overwhelming.

And then there’s the let down of the actual episodes. For every two weeks, we’re subjected to sub-par animation just so we’re forced to buy the Blu-Rays for the show to see it in decent quality. Very sneaky, Toei. This anime is still everywhere even though the quality itself is just so terrible. For better or for worse, it’s still a childhood favorite of mine and so many others – that many companies want to milk until there’s absolutely nothing left.

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