Review: Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura

First of all, I have to admit: I did not get a good quality of the nendoroid, so this review is going to reflect that. If you, or someone you know, managed to get a good one – good! I’m glad! This one review is going to only reflect the problems that I have – there could be similarities that others have with their own figures (and I encourage people to make posts, videos, etc of it as a way to gather information at how bad the quality for this nendoroid is to I suppose, document it).

I also have to warn that this post is going to have a lot of pictures to really bring home my points about the low quality. One last thing: I want people to understand while this quality is really bad – I still adore the Sakura nendoroid and still will keep and play with her. So let’s go on with the review, already!

Here’s the design for the box~! It’s obviously covered in cherry blossom petals as well as a sky backdrop. It’s a missed opportunity to have the Clow Card design as the actual box design but hey, that’s why I don’t work for those companies. You can see all the different posts that one could do with the Sakura figure. Adorable!

Here’s the list of items that should have came with Sakura (I have to admit – I didn’t see the circle until after I finished taking the initial pictures for the review and as I was putting away the stuff).

As you can tell, though, there is a lot of small items to be have for Sakura.

Here’s the instructions on how to set up the wands for Sakura to hold or to use. It would have been nice if the little part at the bottom didn’t even exist (or at least already attached to prevent from being broken or lost) but… eh.

Here’s what everything (sans the magic circle) looked like in the actual package. As you can tell, it’s also very possible for the smaller parts to break easier or get lost faster. It’s also important to note that everything seemed to be thrown in hap hazardly and quickly – as if they’re way behind schedule.

Sakura herself is very cute and adorable but she doesn’t have that finished feel that even my other lowest quality nendoroid at least has. She felt a little heavy but most notably fragile. The fragility is mostly her hair (especially the hair that sticks up a little bit) and her torso. Her torso felt that it could easily snap or not even hold her limbs together.

I’ll explain more in a bit.

When I took off Sakura’s head for the usual  pictures inside and out, I had to take pictures of her body. You can see how it doesn’t have the finished gleam and it doesn’t even look like it was done right. They had a two month delay to work on all the preorders but they had other nendoroids, figmas, and many others to work on so… It’s hard to say what’s the blame.

I’m not sure if you guys can see it but here’s a little bit more detail on her body on how unfinished it feels. However, I tried to take off her limbs and put it back on to really ascertain what’s actually wrong with her body.

Yeeeahh. Normally, it is not hard to put on the limbs and to take it off. Usually there’s a secured snap that lets us know that it’s connected. With Sakura, there’s a feeling of constant fragility that her parts will come off at any time. This isn’t good at all! I mean, that should go without saying.

Here’s Sakura’s head. It’s also hard to connect her head to anything without worrying, again, if the ball joint is going to crack, snap (inappropriately) off and completely break. I’m not sure if the picture can show it off, but, and I can’t stress this enough, this feels unfinished.

You’ll see what I mean.

Tomoko, Sakura, & Miku

Here’s a comparison picture of my other lowest quality nendoroid and the highest quality. Tomoko may have been painted averagely but she at least feels finished and at least Tomoko has that certain feeling that they at least finished her.

Miku is Good Smile Store exclusive (as in, I had to exclusively pre-order her from the Good Smile Store) so they already had a limited amount of Miku they wanted to make or had in stock. And honestly, she’s one of the best quality nendoroids I have ever bought. Her paint job alone blows Sakura’s right out of the water and, even though I play with her the most, not fragile at all. Miku is more resilient and a lot less fragile than what Sakura is.

That’s one of the main problem with Sakura. She feel really chalky, unfinished, fragile, and just overall rushed. Not to mention her skin tone is extremely pale compared to both Tomoko and Miku. It’s extremely disappointing to have a popular character like this to have something like this come out of production line.

So with that, let’s look at her accessories. I’m not going into too much detail because I’ll just be repeating myself at this point.

Here’s her hat. And it’s really unnecessarily heavy. Not only that, it goes along with the feeling of unfinished and how chalky paint can get after a period of time.

Here’s the back of her bangs. It’s not clean at all and you can tell the painters were in a rush.

You can see, again, how messy this is and how rushed the painters must have been. From top to bottom, this feels completely unfinished.

"Hi, there!"

“Hi, there!”

Sakura’s default face.

"Let's get that Clow Card!"

“Let’s get that Clow Card!”

Sakura’s other face.


“Ahahaha, okay okay, Kero!”

Sakura’s third and final face.

Sakura also comes with a bottom torso set to attach to her so we can make it look like she’s flying. Unfortunately, because of the fragility of the overall figure, I didn’t want to risk it and break a part of her somehow, someway.

All the extras she comes with, including a ball joint.

Her arm with the Clow Card.

Extra gloves.

Extra arms.

On MyFigureCollection, people have mentioned that their extra Clow Card breaks with barely a touch so I had to be even more careful than I already was while handling this. It doesn’t look fragile, sure, and I couldn’t believe it but with how bad the overall figure is, I didn’t want to take any chances.

The bottom accessory for the wand.

Extra bows?

Wing attachment based on the famous CLAMP design. At least this one felt finished…

Now here’s a word of caution with the Kero: I barely took him out of the package when his tail came off. I read that it’s supposed to swivel around to adjust it but …. again, chalky. Unfinished. I tried to put the tail back on but the hole is actually too small for me to put it back in normally. Am I going to force it in? Nope! Not unless I want to bug Good Smile for a replacement Kero.

The wand Sakura flies on.

The smaller wand Sakura handles in her battles.

"Please, don't be too hard on them!"

“Please, don’t be too hard on them!”

Overall, this figure is a major disappointment. I’ve mentioned it many times before but she’s unfinished, chalky and extremely fragile. For a two-month delay, this is very disappointing especially since Sakura is not only one of the most important magical girl but the 400th nendoroid in line.

Would everyone be better off if they had limited the amount like they did with other exclusives? Yes, I believe they would. It’s understandable that people would be disappointed that they would not be able to get her but at least there would not be a quality issue as major as this is.

Would I recommend this nendoroid to people? No. Unless you get really lucky and grab one that doesn’t have these issues, I’d actually urge you to steer clear of this nendoroid just this one time. If there is one to suggest though, I’d go with the figma.






  1. Thanks for the review! I’m contemplating on making mine as well v.v. got to admit here, despite their 2 month delay her painting job wad messy compared to other nendos. And really, her parts are so hard to keep in tact so it gets annoying when making poses ._. I hope Tomoyo won’t be the same.

    OT: would you mind if i put you in my links? Thanks for this review again :)

    1. It’s no problem! ^^ And please do! We need to document all of the problems with the Sakura nendoroid. Maybe no one will notice it but at least people will know why the Sakura nendoroid was so disappointing.

      Honestly, I wish I could pre order Tomoyo but her price, the fear, and me having no money right now… I can’t really say for sure. :(

      And sure! Thank you so much for the comment!

  2. So I wasn’t the only one really disappointed with this nendoroid.
    I didn’t expect her to be of super special quality or anything. But at least to have the standards my other nendoroids keep up. And she definitely didn’t. When unpacking her I was wondering if I accidentally got my hands on a bootleg. I can only agree that she feels unfinished. The nice ruffles on her sleeves and gloves seem unrefined and the overall paint job is just bad in comparison what I can see on my other nendos. Even the joints seem fragile and are really hard to move.

    (S-sorry, but I had to rant somewhere. I’m not quite over my disappointment yet. Especially as I had to wait quite long to finally get my hands on her.)

    1. Oh, it’s absolutely fine! Like I said, it’s important for people to document how badly made this nendoroid was after a two month delay.

      She’s still really cute and precious but it’s really hard to ignore the poor quality she has and what we received. I’m sorry you also got a bad Sakura as well.

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