Package Unboxing: Oops…

Due to holidays and the 12 Days of Anime blogathon, I had kept putting this off. There’s a lot of reasons for it – initially, I was excited to get her especially after a two month delay (one delay after another) but once the comments started to come in, one after the another, about her QC, or quality check, and even talking to my friend, Gaby, about the overall quality. Now there are people who are lucky enough to get some good quality ones but as for me? Well…

But this isn’t the review portion. This is just opening of the package. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Barely ordered on November 28, 2014 in a rush to get a shot at getting a figure of her. She was eventually shipped on December 01, 2014 and I received her on December 15, 2014 using SAL (Small Packet) on Ami Ami, so exactly 2 weeks.

One day, I’ll talk more about “Card Captor Sakura” anime for Project Magic but I’ll just say that it’s definitely a good entry to start off the magical genre is – that is, if you have the patience for all the filler and the monster of the week trope. It’s still very cute and it’s still a key anime for the magical girl genre.

While I didn’t have the same attachment to “Card Captor Sakura” with the infamous English dub as a lot of other anime fans may have, I can certainly understand that this anime is still important and Sakura is still a must-have for any collector of magical girl merchandise.

Trying something new but it just looks random, doesn't it?

Trying something new but it just looks random, doesn’t it?

This time, the box wasn’t that big and I was surprised that it was this small but then anything bigger than Aoba’s box is going to be surprising for me. Still! It was always exciting to get a package in the mail, especially one as important as Sakura! Oddly enough, I almost missed it because Chu and I had to run some errands that day. Thankfully, I didn’t!

Here’s the Christmas art slip that Ami Ami gave me! Since I got it before Christmas, it makes a lot of sense to send something like this! She’s so cute~!

I love that this slip always changes depending on which season it is~! Look at her snowboard! Of course there’s not a problem that Ami Ami could fix so thank you anyway~!

Usually, these boxes are faced up but because it’s Sakura, they probably rushed it. It’s okay. I can understand. I’m not going to blame Ami Ami too much…

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