12 Days of Anime: Twelve Diaries Exposed

First of all, Merry Christmas to everyone from Nendoroid Cuties! I hope you guys got everything you wanted and more!

So let’s talk about an anime called “Mirai Nikki”. I already made a list of which character annoyed me the least but let’s get into it a little deeper. This anime is yet another one of those anime that seemed to have an interesting premise but terrible execution but this time – it’s not just the plot that bothered me the most – it’s the main character himself.

One of the main problems I had with Yukiteru was a relation problem. I’m not saying it’s impossible to be popular one moment and then just have no friends the next – that’s extremely likely and something that probably happens a lot. I’m talking about the viewer filling in the shoes of a main character that’s hard to understand. The problem with Yukiteru is that he pretty much lets people walk all over him and he’s constantly shocked that people are dying around him (despite him having the capacity to kill unknown characters and even children) and acts very shocked when Yuno does her usual stuff – killing people and not well.

Another problem I had with this series: the constant use of rape as a way to turn some of the female characters into villains or use rape as a backdrop for their villainy. More specifically: the Sixth and Seventh. Granted, those two are characters I did like a lot but the more I thought about it, the more I realized: I didn’t like the characters themselves; rather, I like the possibilities they could have been had this series hadn’t been written so badly.  Would have I liked Yuno more? Eh, not really?

Which draws the question: Is Yuno terrible because of the writing/characterization or is it because she’s just a terrible person? In the case of “Mirai Nikki”, it’s a little bit of both. It’s understandable that Yuno wouldn’t exactly be stable in a situation like that but it’s clear that she took advantage of the situation of the Diary Game and killed the people in lieu of her pain. Not only that, she got what she wanted – Yukiteru and ended up killing him as well.

Crazy does not a yandere make.

Crazy does not a yandere make.

People could go on all the time about how Yuno’s the ideal yandere but we knew from the first episode on that she’s nuts. For her to be a yandere, she’d actually to have some sort of semblance of normal – Yukiteru and her would have an actual stable relationship before things could start to distort. Yanderes, or at least from my understanding, have to already be in a relationship of some sort for her to become psychotically possessive over him.

Yuno Gasai is a stalker who’s extremely unstable. That does not make her a yandere.

The viewer cannot relate to Yuno or Yukiteru because the both of them fit into one simple archetype and stereotype. They may have traits or parts of personalities that resembles one but they’re not their own characters. The side characters and the other diary holders are also part of the problem but it seems they have more freedom in terms of who they could be rather what they are. For a story that’s trying so hard to be deep about the human psyche and how’d one would react to such an extraordinary game, it’s not doing its job at all. It’s just really unfortunate that the characters complexity is as thick as a thin sheet of notebook paper.


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