12 Days of Anime: Ten Ghost Stories Shared

There’s not a whole of anime I’ve dropped. In fact, if you see the “Dropped” portion of my MAL, you’d notice there isn’t any anime I’ve dropped at all. Don’t get me wrong – there have been a few anime I came across and I’d ask myself, “Why do I put myself through this shit?” And the answer is: because I hate myself. That was especially the case with the ending of “Tasogare Otome x Amnesia”. I mean, we were at the end so we might as well finish it but…

God, was that ending terrible. And what irritated me the most was that it started really strongly too! There was enough intrigue, thrills, chills, and desperate fan service to keep interest up for eleven episodes but then that ending. That ending, man. Oh, the story behind Yuuko’s death was sad and really messed up but it would have probably done more for itself had they didn’t include that random, and bullshit romance, between the two. It was seriously unnecessary.

Oh, the gags were fine on its own right but, eh. Enough was enough. The story would definitely improve more if it included more about Yuuko’s family and what was up with them rather than the bullshit about her making a lunch for Teiichi and the animosity between her and Kirie and Teiichi. It’s rather clear that Kirie liked Teiichi and they’re obviously the better match (considering that Kirie is alive) and I really did like the interactions between them a lot more.

Also, it’d be nice if they focused more on Teiichi’s relationship with the other classmates around him and more solving the ghost stories around the school. That made a much more interesting series than about a love affair between a ghost and student. What happens once he graduates? Was he planning to keep going to be with Yuuko, especially since she can’t exactly waltz out? And what about him in the future? Someone’s going to suspect something and call the cops – because unless he becomes a teacher (or dies young and decides to haunt the school), he’s just going to be a creepy guy trying to canoodle with a ghost.

Plus, I’m sure Teiichi’s going to have certain needs that Yuuko can’t exactly do on account that she’s dead and all.

I really did like the premise of the anime though – a ghost girl haunting the school for 60 years and she doesn’t remember why. The club is also interesting too because they explore the mysteries of the school which could have been interesting on its own.

This anime is exactly what I mean by taking the seriousness out of an anime that’s built for it. Another anime I think of is “Another” when there’s a random dance scene and those gruesome deaths. It’s unnecessary. It takes out of the story and the main plot. The fact that Yuuko stayed due to “unfinished business” (especially since her business had already been taken care of) is just the topping of the cake. She could easily have been Teiichi’s grandmother! And again, what about the situation after he graduates?

I know I’m probably thinking too hard about this but I really was disappointed by this outcome of this anime. I would hope that Yuuko will one day cross over and rest in peace and away from terrible anime endings. Maybe one day, but for now, we’re just going to have to deal with a dumb ending. Ugh…



  1. I watched this one a while ago so my memory is a bit hazy but I remember I had just gotten to the point where I was about to drop it when bam, we’re finally going to explain Yuuko’s backstory! Felt like the series was really trying to fill time with all of those unconnected stories early on which really hurt it, not one of the better ghost story anime out there…..

    1. It’s probably a good thing that your memory was hazy because all I could remember was that freaking ending! And it really did, especially with the “romance”. I completely agree it’s definitely not one of the better ghost stories out there.

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