12 Days of Anime: Eleven Different Faces of Mako

I wanted to avoid talking about “Kill la Kill” but I guess I can’t avoid it anymore. So let’s talk about it.

When finishing the show, this year, everyone immediately latched on to their favorite characters. For me, it was a hard decision to make since I still (even to this day) don’t know what to say about the series. Maybe one day I’ll be able to formulate it but at the very least, I’ve finally resigned to pick a favorite character: Mako Makanshoku.

And she’s hilarious! Besides the obvious Jojo’s reference, she really is adorable and amazing in her own right. She’s very hyperactive and can be annoying at times but the passion she carries reminds me of me when I was younger. I wasn’t able to express myself as she does (and even though I’m showing more – it’s still held back by a lot) but I can relate to her in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to family and being grateful what you have. Not only that, she constantly puts herself in harms way to protect or motivate Ryuko.

Even though she really is a simpleton.

She’s still amazing. She helps Ryuko out and accepts Ryuko no matter what, even though she talks to Senkotsu and she doesn’t understand completely what goes on between them. And that’s the type of friend I’ve always wanted and longed to be. I’ve been through a lot of depression this year but seeing how Mako always tries her best to cheer Ryuko up helps me in my own way. It reminds me of what I was once was before and even though I’m still very much a simpleton myself, I guess it’s okay to be a little immature too sometimes.

Still, though, I love Mako. She’s hilarious and she accepts her family, Ryuko, Gamagori, and especially herself to what she is and she does try to change that but… sometimes the really simple things are really the best. It’d be nice if they got out of slums but if that one episode taught us anything – it’s that excess sucks and it’s always best to be grateful for what you have. Alright, so maybe that’s not the best way to show it but it still proves my point nevertheless.

Not only that, she stands up for her friends and family, especially if they can hurt her. I think that’s one of the reasons why Gamagori loves Mako so much. Besides the fact that she’s cute and everything, she stands up to him without faltering and she accepts herself for who she is. I’d probably like the couple more if he wasn’t 19 years old, so for now, I’d just go “Aw, that’d be cute if it wasn’t creepy~!”

One day, I really do hope to own her nendoroid just because she’s that cute! I really hope she comes with a lot of face plates since she’s very expressive and she always shows off her emotions – especially when it’s Mako Theater and she goes on and on about accepting a part of yourself for the week. Overall, Mako is definitely a joy to watch and I’m just sad that TRIGGER hadn’t gave Mako her very own web show or omake or something but maybe I’m just alone in feeling this way towards her.

Oh well, at least once I get her nendoroid, I can have that small token of appreciation!


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