12 Days of Anime: Nine Singing μ’s

Let’s talk about idols. Idols and anime seem to be going hand in hand these (or at least more that I’m aware of) and honestly, I love idols. I’ve been a JPOP fan since early to mid 2000s and especially idols. KPOP got introduced me and me loving idols just kept going.

This year though, I think I’m close to hang up my KPOP life (or at least just keep it on the downlow) since something happened to one of my most beloved groups. It sucks but that’s life, but who else was there to fill in that 9-member gap than μ’s? Actually, it was perfect. I just returned to Twitter and my friends that I still keep in contact with had just started to pick up the Love Live! mobile game. Instead of just playing, I went the extra mile and watched the anime as well.

And, well, I’m hooked and I’m not going to let go anytime soon. I only finished the first season and started a little bit of the second season (as of this post) but I really like it. They really charmed their way into my heart and my wallet. Though, I’ve yet to actually buy any of the available nendoroids (I’m actually waiting for Umi to come out since she seems to be the Best Girl for me), I do see all the other merchandise they’re pumping out for this franchise.

I really want to try to keep up with this though because it’s fun – the game is fun (especially since I love free rhythm games) and the characters are all really likable in their own ways. At first I was worried they’re going to be in the usual tropes and in a lot of ways – they are but that doesn’t let me enjoy it any less.

Idols are fun after all. Sometimes it’s nice to see something else for a change that’s not doom and gloom and something that’s not completely nihilistic. Also, it’s colorful as hell and the stories to come out of the fandom has been really hilarious.  There’s always room for world domination of Love Live! but as it is now, it’s just slowly getting traction.

There are still some non-believers out there who need to be converted to the religion known as μ’s and Love Live! Join up and sing “Snow Halation” with my fellow sisters and brothers as we celebrate the Nico Nico Ni and everything in between! Don’t hesitate anymore!

Have heard about our Lord & Savior, Honoka?


To play the Love Live! game, you can download here (here’s an added app for the Android): Android & iPhone



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