12 Days of Anime: Four Back to Back Shifts

This year is the end of working in retail for me. I have been working in retail for 10 years (on and off again) and while there are funny movies and media like “Clerks”, nothing really brings it home more than “The Devil is a Part Timer!”  Granted, I worked in the restaurant only a couple times (when I helped out with Chu’s family’s restaurant) and I’ve mostly worked in department stores and gift stores.

My last job was working in a grocery store. Things weren’t too good there. I won’t get in too much detail but watching this show before I quit really put things in perspective for me on how much change has occurred in my life the past couple years.

For better or for worse.

For better or for worse.

For one thing, I know my problems can’t compare to the anime characters – another being from another dimension trying to survive and ultimately deciding if it’s best to stay or to go home where there’s a mess waiting for me.

Work had more downs than up but it gave me the means to live a better life than I had been the year before. It gave me a chance hone my skills as a people-person, even when my “battery” was in the negatives. However, despite the drama and constant tension at work, this anime gave me a lot of relief because it felt that there’s something that’s so ridiculous (the devil taking on a part time job and trying to survive in modern Japan) but it’s actually more realistic in terms of dealing with coworkers, customers, and even Chu enjoyed it a little bit because he used to work at the call center himself until late last year.

Do I regret quitting my job? Well, that’s hard to say.

I’d say no one day – because I have no money to help with the bills or buy Christmas presents or buy ornaments. I feel useless and, unlike the anime characters, I’m not some special demon, underling, or hero that’s destined for greatness. All I can do around the apartment is clean and make sure that packages are signed, the chores are done, do laundry, and if I need to, pick up food for dinner. And if I have no chores for the day, I sit there and watch anime and update my blog that not a lot of people are reading.

But, upon reflection, that job was abusive. Managers in retail aren’t exactly known for being the beacon of morality and good but, that’s really no excuse to be abusive towards your employees or customers.

In the end, though, I made the right decision that was best for my mental and physical health. Right now, I’m taking on a completely different role and I’m going to work hard. I just hope something comes into fruition.



    1. Absolutely and we all cope in various (hopefully healthy!) ways. And I do too! I know there’s a light novel but I haven’t heard anything about a second season. :(

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