12 Days of Anime: Two Opposites Attract

Sometimes you see a certain couple and you look at them and go, “How the heck did this happen? Why did this happen? Tell me your secrets!!”

That’s basically what “Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken” is about. It’s a 5-minute series, unfortunately but that could be a good thing all things considering.

I know I hardly talk about my boyfriend on here but it’s mostly because he’s like the wife, Kaoru, someone who works at an office, is aware of anime and the culture but just doesn’t care for it. Although, no one is like completely like any characters, the situation is the same (except we’re not married). He’s normal as normal gets, however, I’m a basement dweller NEET who blogs all day about figures, cartoons, and comic books.

This really is our exact expressions when we watch anime together.

This really is our exact expressions when we watch anime together.

And try as he might, he doesn’t really get why I’m so into this stuff or even understand the anime culture jokes that comes across during anime, especially from this show.

But this show really shows us that despite the fact that they are completely different have completely different hobbies (and even values), they always find a way to get along with each other. They always try to make it work. They may not understand each other very well on why they do the things they do but there is genuine love there.

Of course, every couple is going to have fights, arguments, misunderstandings, but that’s part of life. And that also includes in how we handle those things.

Even when Kaoru wishes for Hajime to get a normal job, it’s not because she’s really trying to change him completely or get rid of his hobbies – it’s because she wants him to do better and be more than be a NEET.

And have something to brag about besides her own career advances.

And have something to brag about besides her own career advances.

For a while, I never really understood why Chu wanted the same thing for me until I saw this show. I see Hajime struggle the same way I do – trying to muster up to talk to people, get things done, worrying about the future, worrying about how our loved ones feel about our current state. Kaoru is just like Chu in the sense that she worries about Hajime and it’d be nice to brag about their loved ones.

Maybe it’s because of pride and maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s to look good, but there is the genuine hope for things to improve.

And just like Hajime, slowly, and surely, I’m working hard towards a better future in my own way. It’s hard and there’s a lot of things I still need to overcome but I know I’ll get there with time.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to try to make money off of blogging anime, manga, games, and reviewing cute figurines that’s pretty niche to begin with.



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