12 Days of Anime: One Shitty Adaption on My Computer Screen

Something always bothered me about the new DRAMAtical Murder anime that came out this summer and it might have to do with a few

problems with the

animation, including the infamous third episode of it. Don’t get me wrong the animation was terribly hilarious and was great for a laugh.



But it really made me realize something about myself: I really do hate shitty adaptions, especially from games or manga I really enjoy. My save file for DRAMAtical Murder is somewhere in the HD when the Great Crash of 2014 happened and I do anticipate on finishing both games one day (including the random doujinshi game I found on the Aarin Fantasy Forums).

But the anime version of the popular game was too much for me to handle, even after the bumbling mistake of the legendary episode three. For a good while, I checked out of the anime (mostly due to the Great Crash) and it’s still in my Crunchy Roll queue. Oh, but don’t worry, friends. I’ll still watch it. I’ll trudge through it just as I trudged through the Dangan Ronpa adaptation. Just not now.

And I think, as devoted as I am to Sailor Moon, it’s hard to watch it because it’s a shitty adaption (unless I manage to get Blu-Rays). I realize that not every adaption is going to look pristine and nice with some flubs here and there.  And I realize not every adaptation is going to mangled and messed up.

On the whole, unless I really like the franchise and am willing to deal with it (or if it’s recommended by friends), I’m most likely going to try to avoid it as much as I can.

Now let’s gather around and start spreading some Christmas cheer.



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