Introducing: CU-POCHE!

I was browsing around one of my favorite figure photographer’s blog, Kixkillradio, when she posted some new pictures of her CU-POCHE. I’ve seen them on her blog before (especially since she collects them as well as nendoroids).

Kotobukiya, the company who makes them, started to release them sometime in 2013.

There’s only 18 of them as of this post (including those that are sold out) but they’re still really cute and charming! But what exactly are they? According to Kotobukiya:

Flexibility is the name of the game with Kotobukiya’s newest line of highly posable & customizable figurines – CU-POCHE! Engineered with over a dozen points of articulation CU-POCHE figures can take on a variety of stances and poses. Add to that embedded magnets in the feet and included base and the posing possibilities are almost limitless! Want to change up your mood? No problem! The multiple expression faceplates and accessories allow each CU-POCHE to become your own unique creation. With plenty of familiar faces coming soon from the biggest names in anime and manga you can expect a wide range of CU-POCHE releases in the coming months.

You can see how they could easily be confused as nendoroids except these are a little taller and they look a little less fragile to play with. Although, there’s a lot more parts to lose. They’re very cute! If you want to check out what kinds of CU-POCHE are available, you can check out their store (and shop or preorder) here!

Do you see any characters you like? Any characters you hope they come out with soon? Feel free to leave your comments here!


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