30-Day Challenge: Anime You Want to See But Haven’t Yet

Day 06: Anime You Want to See But Haven’t Yet

That’s a really easy question to answer. It’s One Piece! Why haven’t I followed the crowd yet? The simple answer, my dear readers, is: it’s too long.

With the manga itself having 75 volumes (and counting) and the anime having 673 episodes (and counting), it’s a little more than intimidating to want to start this series. Granted, I did try to read the manga when it was first being released in America and I did try to watch the 4Kids dub of One Piece (may it rest in pieces in peace), but over all, it’s really long. Plus, there was a time where I didn’t know where to look for the starting episodes.

I say that, and yet, I still really want to watch it. I want to know who these characters are and if they’re ever going to find the one piece (surely they must have found it by now); also I don’t want to feel like a poser when I eventually get some of the Hello Kitty x Chopper merchandise.

Look how cute she is!

And I know one day I will sit down and watch it. It is on my queue on Crunchy Roll after all and I do plan to watch everything on there (eventually). But it’s so long! It’s just so long! _| ̄|○ Please forgive me!




  1. I made it to episode 20 of this before stopping and just switching to the manga. When a show has over 500 episodes, it’s a bit daunting to know that you’ll never be able to catch up unless you watch a lot of episodes every single day.

    Even if you don’t watch it, definitely continue on with the manga. It’s great :)

    1. Yeah, exactly. I have friends that do tell me I should just stick to the manga because the animation quality is shit but eh, I really want to watch it nevertheless!

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