Pre-Ordered: Solid Snake from Metal Gear 2 figma

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2 (MFC link)

Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid 2 (MFC link)

Wow! Something that’s not a nendoroid! But yes, this is one of the rare times where I managed to pre-order a figma, although it is for Chu. I mean, they recently alerted the fans that the pre-orders were going to continue until December 24th. The thing though, Good Smile Company had spiked up the price to that similar to a scaled figure. Man, this is just a figma!

figmas are like nendoroids in the sense that you can play with them, change parts, change poses while scales, you really couldn’t. Not to mention, it’s a Konami product. They know that people will pay whatever price it is to get it.

It’s something that’s fair enough because I know I’m the same way towards anything else so I can’t really criticize it, especially since there’s a new Metal Gear Solid game out coming out. When, I don’t know… But the thing that really deterred me away from pre-ordering on the Good Smile Company site itself:

Goodsmile Online Shop Pre-Order Bonus
・’Handgun’ and ‘figma Cardboard Box’

That’s it? And they’re charging 7,800 yen for that? I looked at the ‘figma Cardboard Box’ and it’s just the Orange box with the figma logo on it. I actually looked at the Ami Ami version to see what he’ll come with (standard issue), and he’s already coming with a box and a carbine.

I suppose I guess I can see the appeal of the handgun extra but still. That’s still steep.


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