Review: Aoba Seragaki & Ren from DRAMAtical Murder

Here’s the review that, hopefully, you’ve all been waiting for! Aoba & Ren’s review~! I do have apologize, though, beforehand because my camera’s flash is a little awkward. Sometimes the flash is fine but other times, the flash drowns out the little details I want to point out.

If there is a need for additional pictures, feel free to ask and I will do my best! Although, I’m sure these pictures should be suffice enough for it.

Now, let’s get this started~!

Here’s the top view of the box! As you can tell, it has Aoba using one of his faceplates along with Ren next to him! ^^ Hehe, when are they not together?


On the sides of the box, you can view in greater detail of what to expect of the Aoba nendoroid. I like that in the bottom circle of the second picture, they even turned Ren around. ^^ Always following his master!

But there you can see where the half naked torso is on him. Remember, Aoba is the first nendoroid to be shirtless! And it’s all because they want to recreate the CD cover of the music from games…

And here’s the back! You can tell how big it actually is, can you? At the very least, you can tell what other ways you can pose Aoba using his different face plates.

Here’s all the accessories he’s coming with! Hm… It actually doesn’t seem like it’s a lot this time. If anything, the probably reason why the box is so big is because of the extra torso. And the reason why he’s #418 in the nendoroid line? It’s because of all the delays for Sakura – she was supposed to come out in the same month but Good Smile Company most likely got delayed because way more people pre-ordered than anticipated! I guess they couldn’t delay the rest of them just because Sakura’s late!

Also, inside the box is Aoba’s room! This is perfect for photoshoots with other nendoroids visiting Aoba and Ren~! You can pull this out and set up your photoshoot! I really need to try this out myself so I can have even more adventures with my nendoroids!

Hmm. It looks like everything is here! Although, honestly, I’m a little bit disappointed he didn’t come with a lot of extra stuff to play with. But I suppose that’s that.

Time to examine everything!

“Oh… hello!”


Here’s Aoba in his default face and arms!  He’s actually really tough, much to my surprise. Of course most nendoroids are very tough and has that very strong plastic feel but it feels that way more with Aoba. It feels I can be a little rougher with him.

You can see the headphones resting on his shoulders. Well, I mean, we’re not trying to hurt him or distract him from his work so he should be okay with us. ^^

Here’s the extra, shirtless, torso! For this one, his headphones (and arms) are resting on his head just like the picture (if you scroll all the way up). Except, he looks very shy! How cute! How moe!

This is what the bangs look like for the torso version. There are no extra bangs that come with this nendoroid so that’s a little bit of a disappointment but, again, that’s the cost!

The details on the headphones are very nice but it feels very similar to Tomoko Kuroi’s headphones except it’s attached to the bangs. There is no way to remove them. However, it’s best to be a little bit more fragile with these bangs or just the torso in general.

But there is something to be aware of:

The bangs and heads are not interchangeable, unfortunately.  So as much as we want to have Aoba have his headphones on with his shirt… I’m afraid we might have to borrow someone’s headphones.

Hopefully those can fit instead!

“Ah, hahahaha…”

Here’s one of the default face plates (that’s on the torso). You can’t see very well, because of my camera’s weirdly bad flash, but there are little blush lines because Aoba’s probably being a little shy~!



Here’s Aoba laughing! It’s very cute and earnest! When Aoba’s not being shy and cute, he’s always laughing with Clear, Koujaku, or even Mika~!

"May we meet again!"

“May we meet again!”

And here’s Aoba’s default face from the main body. It’s very simple and it’s very clearly Aoba’s charm shining through! I suppose there’s not a lot of faces to work with but I wish there were a little more than what was given.

Here’s the inside of the main head. It’s very clean on the inside as is the other one (I guess I must have been in a rush so I forgot to snap a shot, I’m sorry) but that’s to be expected. I haven’t seen an inside of a head that has made me disappointed~!

And here’s Ren! Look how tiny he is… I knew that Aoba was a toy dog (Pomeranian?) in the game and anime but wow, I never realized how tiny he actually is, especially to a nendoroid. Better make sure we don’t lose him!

If you’re familiar with DRAMAtical Murder (be it the game or anime), this is the logo that shows up a lot in it. It shows up on Aoba’s jacket on the side and around the city he lives in. It only makes sense that they would include this.

However, I should note that this is transparent and one should be very careful with it and where one places it. There’s only one of these within the box so just be very mindful about this particular piece. It doesn’t really do anything other than slightly decorate his stand when you set it up.

As usual, here’s the stand, knob, and extra ball joint. It’s the usual, but it’s always good to know that it’s in there along with everything else.

Annd here are the two extra limbs. That’s really all for Aoba…

But don’t get me wrong! I still very much adore Aoba!

"When you say it like that..."

“When you say it like that…”

It’s very exciting that he’s the first male nendoroid to be shirtless and I do hope that more come on the way! Perhaps it’s because I’m already spoiled by the other nendoroids I’ve gotten that I can’t help but feel a little disappointed.

Like I mentioned before, he’s a little tougher than the other ones. That’s a really good benefit to have. especially since I honestly think he’s an ideal nendoroid for those who are introduced to these adorable figures. There’s not too many parts to lose or break (although just be very careful with the brain accessory) and not only that, you get to have your first photoshoot with the background in the box.

But if you’re a more seasoned nendoroid collector, this might be a nice addition if you don’t mind the low count of accessories he comes with.

"Well, as long as I can stay here."

“Well, as long as I can stay here.”




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