Package Unboxing: Finally, doing these again!

Finally… I’m finally doing these… So much has happened over the course of a few months. I quit my job. Trying to find another. Trying to find the words to say about Aoba and trying to get what little pictures I have left of from the Great Computer Crash of 2014. But, anyway…

I had ordered Aoba on September 24, 2014. Very shortly, he arrived on October 09, 2014 via registered SAL shipping on Ami Ami. I was literally counting the days because everyone seemed to be getting him and, because I paid rather late due to money problems, I was just really anxious for him to come home!

And, well, he’s nice and comfortable!

 By now, the anime for Dramatical Murder is over but that’s okay because I got something better than a very badly animated anime: a really big box!

I was actually really surprised by how large the box was. Usually it’s half the size! I’m wondering – did he come with a lot of parts?



So let’s see what’s inside! I can’t wait anymore!

I really do love collecting these little art cards. The designs are always so different and unique~! I really should keep them in a safe space. Isn’t it pretty?


The usual thank you note from Ami Ami! Because I got Aoba during October, it’s only natural they started to send out pictures of Halloween, right? ^^ And as usual, I can never thank Ami Ami enough for bringing him home safely!!


Strangely, though, he didn’t come with a filter sheet. But the reason why the box is so big is because of the torso extra he came with. ^^ How exciting! See you guys next time!


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