Impulse Buy: Fukawa Touko (Danganronpa The Animation Collection Figure)

Fukawa Tooku from Dangan Ronpa (MFC Link)

I haven’t done one of these for a while, have I? That’s because there was a lot of stuff I had to deal with before I could settle down, much less open the plastic bag for her. This figure is a spoiler for the series itself so I have no idea why they decided to announce it and reveal it, but ugh. I guess at this point, everyone already knows who Genocider Syo is.

Anyway, I bought her from Xiao of My Figure Collection for about $14 (with shipping) and that isn’t a bad deal. It came within the week and she was packaged very nicely! There really wasn’t a lot to her but then Sakura didn’t either.

Height difference.

Height difference.

Overall, I like her and I want to see if I can get the rest of them (them being Naegi, Monokuma, Junko, Kyoko, and Togami). Ahh, sorry this post is shorter than usual! I’m just feeling really lazy and not that talkative today, eh. I’ll see if I can get more anime posts and more figure pictures (since I managed to at least save the Aoba ones).

See you guys next time!



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