30-Day Challenge: Most Favorite Male Character Ever

Day 03: Most Favorite Male Character Ever

This one gave me a bit of a challenge. I’ll preface this before I get into it on why that’s so! You see, male characters are a dime a dozen. A lot of the times, I don’t like them or I find them really annoying (see: Top Twelve Most Tolerated Mirai Nikki Characters). Another thing is that they all seemed to have the same type of personalities. Maybe it’s because I’m more feminine, or maybe it’s because I’m not the target audience but it was actually really hard to think of a male character that I could say he’s my favorite.

I don’t mean to say that I can’t relate to male characters at all! It’s more of… I suppose I don’t really understand them the way I feel I should, especially since a lot of the male characters are very much the protagonist of the stories.

I thought about the usual suspects – Naruto, Spike, Ichigo, and even others from shoujo anime that I’ve considered. The problem is – they’re not interesting. For me, they’re bland enough for the viewer to step in and out of their shoes without challenging my view point or challenging to stand my ground.  Spike is interesting but I don’t care about him enough and from what I’ve seen so far in Cowboy Bebop, I don’t want to care about him. I want to care about the other characters.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Spike – I just think he’s very boring.

However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t go with an obvious choice. No matter how I word it, Vash the Stampede from Trigun is an obvious choice for this answer but I have some very strong opinions about him.

It’s going to be under the cut because there’s a bunch of new anime fans around and I don’t want to accidentally spoil them if they choose to go with watching this anime.

I remember Vash when I was younger. I’ve always been curious about Trigun because it was on the really late block. Most of the time, I was on the Internet and I wasn’t going to pay attention to it then since I was more concerned with whatever else I was doing. But I’m glad. My mindset at the time was still trying to figure out what kind of person I was and Trigun, for me, seemed like a show that’d go way over my head. It’d take some time before I’d watch it fully and grasp its message that everyone else seemed to.

And, again, I’m glad I did. Mostly because Trigun is actually extremely deep and thoughtful. Whether or not it has Christian values, that’s another topic of another day. My focus here is solely on Vash.

For one thing, he’s my type: Blond, kind, mysterious, deep, and wears glasses.

One of the core beliefs Vash has is: absolutely no one deserves to die.

Throughout the anime, we take a look at his past including with what happened with Knives and the crew they stayed with. And why Vash believed what he did. Knives seemed to worry more about killing and attaining power and proving himself as someone who’s worthy while he also looked down at Vash for believing what he did.

And despite the fact that people considered him one of the worst criminals, Vash is always smiling and trying to help people. I wondered throughout the series – how did these people keep thinking Vash is this horrible person? And how could he allow it? Then I realized about Knives and the things he must have done. Vash didn’t want to doubt the people because it could cause them to try to kill others and it’d take the focus off of him.

I suppose Vash understood that if the focus was on him, they’d try to get him (if for the bounty or the thrill of seeking him) instead of killing each other for any reasons. And over and over again, Vash brings up the point: why kill? What’s the point of killing? What will exactly it accomplish? Even his opponents respected him – not because he spared their villainous lives but because he stood by his own moral code in a codeless society. Even when Vash fought Knives that last time, he didn’t kill him.

The only kill Vash has ever made was Legato.

And that broke him. I don’t people to think that I like broken men but it was a turning point for his character that really made me like him even more so – after being upset for breaking the one rule he’s enforced during his entire time, Vash faces, and fights, the one who has tried to break him multiple times.

It’s strange because Vash, out the outside, seemed very simple. And yet he is. Vash is a walking enigma but for that reason, he keeps people out and quite distant.

The reason I like Vash, I suppose, is because I understand that feeling of being distant but I also understand the loneliness that distance brings along. Even though I know he’s just an anime character, I really want to let him know that he’s not alone.

And, quite honestly, no other male character can do that to me.

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