30 Day Challenge: Very First Anime I’ve Watched

Day One: The Very First Anime I’ve Watched

Finally, I managed to sit down and start doing this challenge! I’ve been sick for the past few weeks (I had a throat bacteria and now I’m just getting over a cold) so while I was busy doing other things, I didn’t have enough energy to really sit down and make a post for it. I’m going to try to do these posts on my days off so some time can go in between so other people can look at it if they really wanted to!

Er, um. Anyway.

For my entry on this one, the first anime I’ve ever watched was Sailor Moon. Back then, I was really young and at the time I lived in Hawaii. My mom’s in the military and my dad is a tennis coach trying to get by… and they were constantly fighting. I didn’t understand it at the time what would happen between them (only right before we moved back to the mainland) and I was going through my own problems (some of them – something anyone should never have gone through).

I hated to get up in the morning and I always had trouble sleeping but as soon as my mom said the magic words, I was always up as long as I could see my favorite show of all time: Sailor Moon.

At the time, it was dubbed in English and the editing was horrible. However, I didn’t really care about that at that time. I really wanted to watch Sailor Moon because:

  • She was so cool! She beat up the bad guys who try to hurt people, her friends, and family. Sure she was scared, but that’s okay because she still did it and the Sailor Scouts helped her.
  • She’s just like any other kid (teenager) – she’s a crybaby, loved video games, didn’t want to do homework… that’s something I can definitely relate to! But she always stood up to bullies and protected those who couldn’t help themselves. That’s something I’ve always admired.
  • No one was mean to her even when she was wrong. No one was mean to her even when things were misunderstood or if they were, they were being controlled by something else. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be as angry, or mean.
  • Even girls can be strong in the face of danger. Sometimes, we have to do things even when they’re scary or we don’t know all the answers do.
  • You have to do what’s right, even if it looks wrong. A lot of people sometimes think the easy way out is the best way and it’s not always true.
  • There is true love out there.

Granted, this may sound like I’m making the show more profound than it actually is but that’s honestly how I felt and, well, still feel today. It was something to look forward to every morning, and even if they were replaying the episodes, I’d still watch them. I admire Sailor Moon and I still do.

Even the silly “Sailor Moon Says” segment, I took those seriously because I wanted to be the type of person Sailor Moon would be proud of. I remember I would pose like the girls during the transformations because I felt that I was a magical girl off to defeat justice in this cruel world.

I stopped watching Sailor Moon, though, when Chibi-Usa, or Rini, came onto the scene because it bothered me. Not only that, my family were moving without my dad. And with how hard things were, I felt I had to reject Sailor Moon for a period before I can say that I helped my mom. I wanted to help her and, again, be the person Sailor Moon would be proud of.

When I started middle school, though, I saw that Cartoon Network had an anime block for kids like me after school – Toonami. By that point, Sailor Moon R had wrapped up a long time ago. It was at this point that I discovered what anime really was and what Sailor Moon really was. I hadn’t gotten a chance to see R completely until a few years ago but it reminded me of what I missed out on.

Still, though, Sailor Moon remains extremely dear to my heart. I went to AX 2014 to specifically see the dub actors and to hear the familiar words that gave me hope in my childhood. That will always be special to me and Sailor Moon will always remain there as my number one. Not just the first anime I’ve ever seen, but my favorite anime of all time.



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