New layout + some new content to come!

Well, I’ve decided to switch layouts to the Elegant Grunge theme, as if you couldn’t tell already. I got kinda tired looking at that old layout so I decided to try to spice more things up.

Anyway, the header should be randomized – and yes, all of those pictures are mine as I took them. I also edited to the best of my ability in Photoshop as well, hehe… I’m not that good as you can tell. And, I started to put buttons on my blog as well on the off chance someone wants to link back. Once I’m not feeling so entirely lazy, I’ll create a link out page so people can see what popular blogs I like to read!

By the way, I wanted to announce: I finally got a decent camera! If you wanted to know what it is, it’s a pink Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W120. Would you believe I actually got it for $25 on eBay? Not to mention, it’s in awesome condition?? I couldn’t believe my luck!!

Truth to be told, it’s a little tricky to transfer pictures because the SD card is really small – actually, too small to fit in my computer so I managed to use my PSP’s USB port to do that (although it’s been messing up lately… T__T I need to find a way to get it to work right).

Oh yeah, the content.

Here’s what should be coming up in the next few days:

  • Sailor Moon SHFigures (Second Edition) Review – I actually got this as a gift from Chu (as a birthday present actually!) so I’m really excited! No package opening for this since Chu just really wanted me to see this right away! At least he couldn’t stop me from taking pictures for a review, ehehehe….
  • Snow Miku Nendoroid Open Package & Review: I got Miku on August 1st (and its already almost the end of the month, HAHAHAHA) but neglected to open her due to personal reasons. But anyway, I just wanted to say that expect a (really late) review on her~!
  • More Manic Manga: Now that I have more time cleared up, I’m going to try my hardest to find some more manga to read and review for you guys~! Please recommend some manga you’d know you’d like or you’d like to see!
  • Photostories?? Yes, finally I can start creating photostories with my figures because why the hell not? I’m bored and I don’t know if anyone even reads this besides me! But either way, if you do, please look forward to it.

Hmm, that’s all I can think of for right now but since September is coming up… that means my Aoba and Sakura nendoroids are coming, kekeke….!! Until next time!



  1. The new layout looks good! I like the rotating banner :3 and awesome new camera too. I’m looking forward to September also~ Though, I’m hoping my ALTAiR MakoHaru figures get delayed like everyone thinks they will so I don’t have to pay for both them and Aoba together lol

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