I’m still alive… I promise!

There were a lot of things that happened that prevented me from updating. First of all, I had to force myself away from figures.

You see, I learned a very valuable lesson even though, it should be quite obvious: Never hide important purchases, or pre-orders.  Another important lesson I learned is that: Avoid Good Smile Company booth at all costs, especially if you want to buy other types of merchandise.

Anime Expo was a lot of fun for both Chu & I! I took as much pictures as I could but it was so packed, mostly because of the Sailor Moon and Kill la Kill events going on, so I didn’t get as much as I wanted to.

As far as merchandise, I didn’t get a lot. There were plenty of figures to go around, trust me! But honestly, I couldn’t find anything that I really wanted. Here’s everything I got from Anime Expo:


Okay, okay, I got some KPOP CDs and the Miku artbook isn’t even mine. Honestly, the only thing I even got from Anime Expo was the Dangan Ronpa art book. Well, Chu got his Miku artbook from Anime Expo as well but I got the DRAMAtical Murder artbook from the local bookstore in Little Tokyo.

Maybe one day I’ll post a review here (after I decide if I want to repost this artbook review here or not).

Anyway, here’s the art that I got:


And yes, they’re from the same artist too! I wish I grabbed a card from her so I could link her back but they were closing the dealer’s room so we had to leave. :\ Oh well…

Anyway, as for the future of this blog: Don’t worry! I’ll keep posting in it. I’m actually trying to find some new material to post some stuff in before too long.

But first thing’s first: I just tuned in to Wonderfest Summer so I’m going to make my quick wishlist post before too long! :3



    1. You really should! There’s a lot of art in there (well obviously XD) as well as concept art for the characters. There’s also a lot of spoilers too and I kinda looked at them :x But eh, still it’s worth it!

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