Pre-Ordered: Sakura Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura Nendoroid

Sakura Kinomoto & Kero from Card Captor Sakura (MFC link)

Sakura Kinomoto & Kero from Card Captor Sakura (MFC link)

Finally, I made my last pre-order (at least for a while).

To be honest, I was actually forgot about it because I went working out with Chu (gotta get fit for Anime Expo after all T_T) and we just watched an interesting documentary. I got the usual stack of emails from MyFiguresCollection and I noticed, as usual, there were a lot of comments for Sakura. Then, I suddenly remembered that I had to take care of that and make sure I’m getting her!

Supposedly, there was this special going on at the GSC store if you pre-ordered her there:

Goodsmile Online Shop pre-order bonus: Sealing Wand (key form) charm.

I asked my friend, Gaby, to see if there’s going to be a special price for this. She said, yeah, about 1,500 yen (or ~$14). Well, the full price for Sakura was going to be 4444 yen (~$43) so there was no way I’m getting that. Unless someone is selling that part (which I doubt), I’m not even going to try for that. My most expensive nendoroid will be that Snow Miku one (at least for now).

Well, I knew she was going to get the special version only because she’s been waiting for Sakura a lot longer than I have. Good luck, Gaby! I hope you’ll post pictures~!

Anyway, I just went straight to AmiAmi and pre ordered her with the few percentage off that they usually do.

Let’s just hope this will inspire a whole new line of Card Captor Sakura nendoroids. ^^ I would love to complete this set!


  1. I ordered her too! TWO! I really want the GSC special charm but too costly :'( Really looking forward to her~ I love that they have included her hanyan~~ face :3

    1. Oh wow, two? @_@ I don’t know what I could do with two…. but she’s so cute, huh? And I agree – the charm is so cute but it really is too costly. T___T

      1. Heh! One for safe-keeping I suppose >.> CCS was my first ever anime so I’m kinda sentimental about the whole thing >/////<

      2. Oh, that’s understandable. :3 My first anime was Sailor Moon so I know if there’s a nendo (I sincerely doubt it) I know I want to show how much I love that show!

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