Pre-ordered: Aoba Seragaki from DRAMAtical Murder Nendoroid

Aoba Seragaki & Ren from DRAMAtical Murder (MFC link)

Aoba Seragaki & Ren from DRAMAtical Murder (MFC link)

Wow. I can’t even believe it! A week ago, there were pictures of Aoba finally painted! And then there were murmurings of Kahotan posting pictures on her blog (which makes happier to know I’m going to get my money’s worth).

Little did I realize how soon the pre-order was going to be up! Unfortunately, I had to work tonight for 8 hours and right when the links were opened, I was worried I was going to make it.

Ashu asked to do it for me and alas! She sent me a text message saying he’s been pre-ordered! I’m really excited! ;-; And all on his birthday, in Japan. ^^

The thing about it though, he’s going to be the first male nendoroid (well, nendoroid period) to have a shirtless top. Why are they doing this? So they could do a chibi version of this soundtrack cover for the game:

Yes, he is shirtless!

Though, I’m going to be honest. Even though I told Chu that I was going to buy him, he didn’t seem to take me seriously. I hope he doesn’t get mad at me though when the time comes… He already knows that once I preorder from Ami-Ami, I can’t cancel it. I just hope he won’t be too mad.

But well, it should be fine, right? I have until September to properly save up and purchase him with no problem. I just gotta find a way to, you know, tell him especially when he’s in a good mood.

Hm. I don’t want to dwell on that. Aoba is only 3,440 JPY (or $33.55~) before shipping and I’m going to stick with SAL – so all together, about $40 or so. That’s not too bad. ^^ Especially with the extra’s he’s going to come with, hehehe~!!


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