Top 12 Characters from Mirai Nikki I Tolerated the Most

Recently, I had finished watching Mirai Nikki and, well, I have a few thoughts about it. I would make a whole post about the series itself but mostly, I want to talk about the characters.

I get really emotional about the characters to a point where I may even forget the plot itself and just focus on the characters (just casually ask me about Dangan Ronpa or the Ace Attorney series).

Mirai Nikki is not an exception to that rule.

And to better explain my feelings about this series, I’m going to do a top 12 character list from least unable to tolerate to the one character I tolerate the most and would honestly talk about the most. Though, I’m only doing the diary holders – not all the characters because they’re all tied to the diary holders one way or another. Without the diary holders themselves, I don’t think anyone would care outside the series.

Please be aware that I’ve only seen the anime and I have not read the manga, seen the OVA, played the game, etc etc. I honestly couldn’t get invested in Mirai Nikki for the simple reasons that you’re about to see. Also, be aware that there’s spoilers under the cut.

No. 12: Takao Hiyama (Third)

He’s on the bottom for the simple fact that 1) he’s a serial murder 2) he didn’t show up any time after that unless they refer to him (third, serial killer, or as a homeroom teacher) and that brief cameo at the end after the twelfth arrested him in the third world. It’s kind of surprising they would kill him off right away (and in the first freaking episode!) so we couldn’t get to know him or things wouldn’t have been as interesting. I don’t know him that well other than he’s a homeroom teacher by daylight and serial murder by moonlight.

Obviously, I can’t tolerate that.

No. 11: Yuno Gasai (Second)

Oh, we’re getting into it already? Well then, let’s go.

I do not like Yuno Gasai. I could not sympathize with her at all. Granted, I understand that she was in an abusive environment and she reacted as well as anyone could, I suppose. However, I was so sick of her shit by episode 13. I could not sympathize her for trying to get Yukiteru to love her. Her killing people and wishing people would die and even considering killing his parents, if they didn’t accept his love was just laughable at that point. I couldn’t take her seriously anymore.

A lot of Yuki’s problem is because of Yuno – in fact, even though this is the second world, it’s still maddening that she thought that killing him over and over would make him hers. No??? I know she’s crazy under the influence of Murmur but, really, that’s no excuse to want to keep killing the one you love?! I hate that the series tried to portray hers and Yuki as a healthy relationship.

I actually wonder if her antics would have been seen as properly fucked up in the hands of a much better writer than that. Their love is not believable at all. She claimed she wanted Yuki to depend on her, or anyone, but really and let’s be really fucking real – she just wanted to kill herself (symbolic much) and kill others over and over. There was no way this was going to end pretty – she would just keep going back to endless amount of worlds (she is a god after all in the first world) and killing.

I don’t understand how we, the viewer, could sympathize with her. I don’t understand how this show wanted us to root for hers and Yukiteru relationship. That’s a relationship no one should want.

The sex between hers and Yukiteru was extremely uncomfortable; not just due to the circumstances about it, but for the fact that those two were middle schoolers. They wanted to make sure that the audience were creeped out, because um, they did a good job with me.

Everyone keeps saying how Yuno is the yandere but, really, she’s not. She’s not a yandere. She was always crazy from the beginning. Everyone knew this character was crazy from the moment Yukiteru realized that she’s his stalker. There was no line this girl wouldn’t cross. It was obvious she was going to go on a killing spree. She was all too willing to let that happen.

Not only that, she kept talking about having a future – she was worried she wasn’t going to have a future after she’d killed her parents. They honestly painted this picture of hope about Yuno having a future after she killed her parents. I really wished there was a better decline of her mental state than having random flashbacks to her past or a view into the second/third world. I wished to know why, why, oh why, did they keep her umbilical cord? Like, who does that? I wished to know why she was put up for adoption – what happened to her biological parents? Did she kill them too and they didn’t realize it? What was going on with that?

Another thing I didn’t like about her being the protagonist is that while she did those fucked up things, she never saw any actual consequences. Yukiteru goes back into her arms until she fucks up again and he scolds her. She gives him this face:

And the cycle starts all over again. After a while, it got really tedious about her and her childlike and literally killer attitude. She needs to be told no and that’s it. I did like that she’s good in a tough situation but, as someone puts it, Yuno really is a psychotic Mary-Sue character. Even though all the other characters tell Yukiteru that she’s not real or she’s out to kill him or whatever, she doesn’t have any real consequences. At the end, when Yukiteru kills her in the third world, and becomes god for the second, he mopes around for thousands of years because of him losing her.

Only for the writers to suddenly remember that she’s a god in the first world.

And that ending is what really put her near the bottom of this list.

No. 10: Yukiteru Amano (First)

The main character that makes or breaks the show. In Yukiteru’s case, he almost broke the show. On one hand, I can understand enough to a point where, yeah, it’s really fucked up that you’d have to kill people in order to save the world and become a God in order to or at least, at the very least, die for someone who’ll take good care of the world. His thing is that he apparently was popular when he was in elementary school and just stopped. Why?

Just because. There really wasn’t an explanation why but whatever; sometimes you really don’t need one and that’s fine. Shit happens. But, with Yukiteru, shit happens to a point where he really couldn’t use the same excuses anymore (check out that final arc after his parents are killed).

And then there’s the bullshit regarding, “Oh we should save everyone!” By that point, it’s a little too late to start preaching that – especially after he killed other people; especially after he selfishly killed his own friends and let Akise die. Any sympathy I had for Yukiteru (which, by that time, was running pretty damn thin) was gone. After that, I just couldn’t deal with this character anymore because literally he could have just turned around and killed Yuno – especially since he kept saying how freaked out he was about her attitude. He honestly could have done it – he had the ability to kill Sixth, let Fourth die, kill Third, and so many other innocent people…! But he couldn’t kill Yuno, the one who threatened his life more than anyone?

I literally just mentioned this before but I just couldn’t buy the fact that he was in love with Yuno. While, yes, he did use her to protect himself at first, but he let it go into so deep that there was no other way out. If this was a way to show that he fell in love with her because of his survival, I would be able to buy that a little more; and for a moment he almost did. For a moment, he almost did just that and I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was honestly willing to buy, “Okay, he fell in love with her out of necessity” but that wasn’t the case at all! After a while, I didn’t believe that he was willing to forgive Yuno kidnapping him, tying him up, and almost killed his parents if they didn’t accept their “love”.

But they painted their relationship as though that he’s in love with her as though this was a regular destined lovers trope. I honestly couldn’t wrap my head around it! If Yuno had stuck to her word about protecting Yukiteru, and sure she’s crazy but she’s in love with Yukiteru, then I’d buy that. I’d buy the whole yandere thing about Yuno but that wasn’t the case.

Again, I can understand that this kid didn’t have major tragedy in his life like so many others did but he didn’t get that push to actually be a stronger character (or at least have him do something other than scream, “Yuno!” and “Stop!” and “Help me!”) until his parents die! Until the Eleventh started to after them; and he was one of the last Diary holders they had to kill! Then he was literally balls to the wall, “let’s get shit done” with the false pretense he could bring them back to life.

I literally grew more and more annoyed every time either Yuno, Yukiteru, or both of them were on the screen. His friends were way more interesting than him – and that says a lot about Yukiteru. Hinata, Mao, Kousaka, and Akise were fine on their own and if the show was just about them, without having either Yuki or Yuno there, I would have been fine with that. But no; they made these side characters literally so dependent on Yuki’s actions that they literally had to die before you could tell they were their own characters.

Even when Akise was trying to prove to Deus that he has free will by stating he loved Yukiteru, even he’s like, “I’m calling bullshit.” Cause, honestly, where the hell did that even come from? And besides, what’s there to actually like about Yukiteru? He’s not even kind! He doesn’t care about anyone else but himself – he cares about Yuno when he realizes that she’s going to fuck up more worlds and his life again. He doesn’t care about his friends when he killed them!

Not only that, he keeps saying that Yukiteru is all these traits which is not even the right person. Are you sure you’re talking about Yukiteru? You’re talking about a loser lead who can’t really assess the situation and who can’t actually lead. Akise had to do the leading while everyone kept giving Yukiteru the credit. Again, though, I’ll give Yukiteru a little leeway because he didn’t have friends for a while, thus he’s going to be socially awkward.

But he’s still a really bad lead. No one could depend on him for anything except for checking his Diary; at least until Akise and Kousaka got their own Diaries. Apprentice, sure, but why need Yukiteru’s Diary when Akise’s was just as effective, if not more? I definitely wouldn’t have objected to Akise being the main character instead of Yukiteru. I can believe better that Yukiteru’s a creation of Deus much more than Akise.

The only thing Yukiteru had going for him was the reliability for the average viewer. For me, middle school was a good time but immediately after middle school, I stopped talking to people suddenly and stopped making really close friends. That’s relate able and that’s something that I can understand from a main character’s point of view.

Even so, I just couldn’t really deal with how he had to question everything, even though they just explained it five minutes ago up until nearing the end of the actual anime.

I know just this rant on Yukiteru makes it seem that I hate him – I don’t. I really can’t respect a character like him but perhaps that’s the whole point of his existence in the first place. Maybe that’s why I gravitated towards the other characters anyway. I didn’t like how this virtually useless, spineless, and hopeless character could shoulder a heavy role of being the actual lead. If he were a side character, I’d probably would be able to tolerate him a lot better than this.

But honestly, the only reason why that I tolerate Yuno a little less than Yukiteru? It’s seriously the worship of this bad protagonist. There’s nothing to love about him. The whole thing about this series is that he never takes responsibility for his actions and Yuno praises him for that. And that’s why she’s a notch lower than him.

No. 09: John Bacchus (Eleventh)

If Deus and Murumuru weren’t literally known as Deus ex Machina, then this guy would probably be it. While the show itself expects the audience to have a serious suspension of belief, there’s quite a few things I just can’t understand about this guy:

  • How did he even know about Deus’s plan to to find the next god? Assuming Deus didn’t use the whole, “Oh, I’m just an imaginary friend” excuse, I’d think John is a little old for that kind of stuff. Not only that, John is simply the mayor of the city; granted, I suppose mayors do have some relevancy but in the grand scheme of things, they made it seem that he’s the prime minister. Now, it would have been an interesting thing to have him become the prime minister and for him to use Eighth’s server to control all of Japan. But I guess not even that could excuse the main question I have. But how did John know that Deus was dying? How did he even know that that was the aim? On top of that, how did he even plan what to say when it comes to God himself?
  • How did he even get in that area where Deus is before Deus even start the survival game? I believe this speaks for itself, but really, how the hell did this old man get into where Deus is? Even Deus was trying to figure it out!
  • How did he even get the technology for the Future Diaries and his car? I wish they went into a lot more detail about this. This is pretty big stuff – waay bigger than a mayor of a city! Not only that, even if there was an explanation, it needs more than just a “Wonderful, I have just acquired this technology from overseas” or whatever stupid exposition they have. Perhaps they explained it more in the manga but, still, that’s a pretty big gaping plot hole.
  • What was he like before he became mayor? Why does he want everyone to be able to predict the future? Why not keep that power just for himself since he planned to eliminate all the Diary Holders anyway? I know this can be simply brushed off as simply a typical power of authority simply wanting more power but they had gone in a lot of depth with almost all of the Diary holders except him. Why? Did they simply run out of time? Is it also explained better in the manga? I would love to have known what drove John into becoming mayor and to have such an idea for the Diary Holders? Okay, so maybe he wanted to use the city as a way to distract the remaining ones from killing by using Apprentice Diaries but, still, there’s no point of it all – it’s just a mess. Not only that, though, why did he want to become God? Because that’s the ultimate form of power? It just doesn’t make any sense to me.
  • What was the point of trying to bribe Yukiteru’s father into breaking Yukiteru’s phone if he’s the goddamn mayor? Okay, this one bothered me for a long time. When Yukiteru’s father was introduced back as an actual character, it was revealed that he has a 3 million yen debt; which was why Yukiteru’s parents divorced in the first place. So when it was also revealed that the Eleventh had promised his father if he destroyed his son’s cell phone, the debt would be wiped clean. This led me to believe that the Eleventh would be a loan shark type and he’d have a Watcher Diary (makes sense because he would have to “watch” the people who’d owe him money) but it turns out he’s the mayor? Do mayors even have that kind of power? “Oh, get rid of the debt – the mayor says it’s okay” and what was he going to pay it with? The people’s taxes? Jeez…

For this character, there’s just way more questions than answers with this guy that it’s enough to distract me from his arc or whatever. I wouldn’t even call it an arc for John because there’s just too many questions that I needed to answer. And honestly, this wasn’t going to answer any of it.

No. 08: Karyuudo Tsukishima (Tenth)

This guy, I don’t have as much to say about him as I did with the others. Even with the backstory of Hinata and her family, I’m still not really feeling him? It’s hard to explain. I like the idea of his Diary, the Breeder’s Diary, where he can control the dogs by voice command (as you tend to do with dogs anyway).

But I guess he really is a shitty character because of how, really, exaggerated his love for his dogs are. Like, I heard some really weird stuff that involves people and their devotion to their pets. Maybe it’s just because I’m already dealing with a lot of suspension of belief, and yes, I do realize that anime is always going to exaggerate a lot of things for the viewer. But the humor involving him and his devotion to the dogs were a little out of place.

I guess I don’t feel as attached to him or even Hinata (but even after her little mini-arc with him, her whole character revolves around Yukiteru) as I normally would with this kind of story; even Mao was just sort of there. I wished we had known what had happened to his wife (did she die?) and wouldn’t her death cause him to feel more guilt and, somehow, more devotion to the dogs? What happened if a dog dies? Would he grieve more than actual humans?

He’s too much of an enigma and I still want to know how the Fourth managed to find him in such a short time. Although, it could be because of Fourth’s Investigation Diary, but eh. It seemed a little too convenient even for such a diary anyway.

Even in the third world, he managed to completely switch his personality back when their futures have been changed. That was a little too unbelievable for me.

No. 07: Reisuke Houjou (Fifth)

My very first problem with Resiuke is the simple fact that he’s a little 5 year old boy who’s already just as psychotic (if not more) as Yuno. I suppose I can chalk it up to not understanding that level of psychosis, especially in children, but I really can’t understand why he’s so fucked up.

I’m getting weary of creepy kids – I already dealt with Sachiko from Corpse Party and just horror anime in general. Why bring in another one? I could honestly have dealt with the fact he wanted to kill Yuno and Yukiteru for the simple fact they killed his parents during Sixth’s arc. I’d rather have that, than him going, “Well, they were fighting a lot anyway so I don’t even care anymore.”

Even at 5 years old, I believe he still cared about them, after all, he managed to save Yukiteru’s mother before he gassed it up. Surely, he must still care about his parents? I can’t really imagine though a 5 year old kid would be able to know what drugs to even use, how to tie up an adult woman, and have the strength to pull her out. That’s some pre-teen work there, not a damn toddler! The only thing that was implied about his past, really, was that his parents joined the Cult of Sixth and they fought a lot. Unless he’d been doing some secret training or there are scenes that I didn’t know about in the manga, I call bullshit on this.

Still, I can’t help but sympathize. He’s still a kid after all and his fate was saved in the third world but that one was a lot more believable than Tenth’s sudden personality transplant.

No. 06: Yomotsu Hirasaka (Twelfth)

Not gonna lie, I was really disappointed that he didn’t last as long as the others did (other than the Third). For as strange as Yomotsu was, he was really entertaining! He had a really unique Diary, unique abilities, unique everything! Just for the fact that he’s a sentai fan just added the cherry to the cake! I really liked that, in the second world, he had a very twisted idea of justice and he was willing to do anything to prove his worth.

I’m just really disappointed we couldn’t really learn much more about him other than he failed to bring justice and gets mocked for being weird and being who he is. Though, I could have easily done without the eye gouging. That was a little too much, even for him. I really wanted to see how he could have been a God, again, just like John, his background was way too much of an enigma but it’s unlike John to where I was actually more entertained by him than actually questioning his motives. That’s the big difference between those two.

Had Yomotsu didn’t do that eye gouging, I would have easily rooted for him instead of being conflicted (“I really want him to survive but he pulled out Ninth’s eye….”) and, sometimes, I would forget about his existence because he wasn’t in the anime long enough for me to say that I cared about him to any degree. I mean, I won’t lie and say I wasn’t happy for him in the third world. There, he was recognized for his job well done and even visited the Third to make sure that everyone knows he’s still alive. He seemed a lot happier there than in the second world but perhaps that’s the point of it all.

Either way, like I keep mentioning, he’s entertaining so he could stay.

No. 05: Keigo Kurusu (Fourth)

Keigo, Keigo, Keigo. He was an interesting character right up until his betrayal. I was really disappointed in this character for, really, two reasons:

  1. There were better ways to constrain Yukiteru and Yuno. Leaving them for a split second is something he should have seen coming, especially since he has an Investigative Diary. He kept them separated but it was far too easy for someone like Yuno to get away. He got cocky and let them escape. Not only that, he knew his wife and his son were in there but he used them as pawns as a way to lure Ninth out, even after the promise he made her take; which leads me to my next reason:
  2. He makes really bad decisions. Okay, so it’s understandable that after realizing that his son didn’t have long to live, he’d go nuts and decide to become a God after all just to save him. But why couldn’t he at least save the other patients before Ninth, Yuno, and Yukiteru from blowing up the hospital? Why did he have to just forget all the things they built up to? Okay, but if you really did care about your son, you’d realize that it’s not even just Yuno and Yukiteru they’d have to kill in order to win the Game. They seemed like they were more than willing to hide from the cops which would have been ample time for him to kill the others. Sure Yuno and Yukiteru are the main characters and we’re supposed to care about them the most …. but no. It still didn’t make sense.

Another thing too is that you can see his betrayal coming up from miles away. All those side scenes with him and Ninth, when he killed the Tenth, and others? I would have liked to see Keigo also using the time away from the two terrible MCs to find out what’s going on with the others. Surely, Sixth was revealed to have a Diary but Yukiteru took care of her. Surely, Ninth had an Escape Diary in which was hard to actually track down – but surely, someone like Yomotsu or Tenth or even Eleventh would surely have come up on his Diary, right?

But, I can’t deny that I actually liked his character before the revelation of his betrayal, if you could call it even that with the way Yuno was. I’m not quite sure why I feel this way but it’s possible because he actually didn’t really seemed to care about the Game – like it was believable up until, honestly, when the betrayal became more obvious.

I really would have enjoyed the series a little bit more if we watched him as the main character because there’s enough psychological issues that could be explored more with a character like this – and from his point of view, it’d be even easier to understand his position more. But, I suppose if they had drawn out his feelings about his son any more, people would probably be annoyed by it. It’s just disappointing that that’s all his character ended up as – a martyr for his son.

No. 04: Kamado Ueshia (Eighth)

I really adored this character a lot but sadly, I wish I knew more about her. I want to know what drives her, besides her children. Like with the other characters I’ve mentioned, I really wished that they delved into her past as much as they did with certain characters. I liked that even until she died in the second world, she never wanted to be God. It was only her kids, the orphans whom she takes care of, that wanted her to be a God because of her kind hearted nature and well, motherly nature.

Not gonna lie, how her Diary is a little confusing for me but after re-reading it on the wikipedia, I think I have a better understanding of it.

But it angered me that Yukiteru and Yuno killed her orphans just because of how Yukiteru was at this point in the series and how they took advantage of her kindness. I only wished I knew more about Eighth.

Also, I thought it was really cute (in a weird strange of twist of fate sort of way) that her and Eleventh started to date each other in the third world…

No. 03: Marco Ikusaba & Ai Mikami (Seventh)

When I first saw these two, I knew I was going to love them. They seemed to be human beings in love, trying to become a set of Gods, at first until the past is revealed.

Now, one of the main problems I have with this show is gratuitous rape. It may not seem like it right now, especially when dealing with this couple, but I’ll explain more a in a bit (plus go further when I talk about the Sixth).

Back when they were in high school, Marco seemed to be close to Ai anyway and, while they never said anything officially, it seemed they were already going out with each other. However, a few girls got jealous over Ai and Marco’s relationship (they keep saying how pretentious she is with their relationship when they’re really not?) and did what any normal high schooler would do with jealousy problems – have her raped!?

What the hell? Literally, Ai didn’t do anything to them and they only showed one clip of them mumbling and being jealous high school girls about it. And then they made it seem that even though Ai is ~damaged goods~, Marco is considered even more scum of the earth because of that fact?

And from then on, it felt that:

  • Marco is only with Ai because he might still feel guilty for “letting her” get raped. It just seemed that any time Marco does something not with Ai (as it was noted in their Exchange Diary), she’d get jealous. I understand that feeling as well but at the same time… even in an anime about this, it seems a little much. After that flashback, it made me feel really bad for Ai more than Marco – he made her rape about him and not about her, the actual victim. At the same time, though, it gave Ai an excuse to always be with Marco, even when he doesn’t want her there. Now, he’s forcing himself to be with her so it doesn’t happen again.
  • Ai is treated as a villain for getting raped thereafter. No one deserves rape and I understand why they fought Yuno and Yukiteru. However, this is the same anime that tries so hard to present that Yukiteru and Yuno’s relationship is an ideal one while, that one feeling I have up above may be true (it very may well not be), they treat Ai’s past like “Oh, so this happened but she’s a villain now, along with Marco (remember he killed kids!), because they dared to call Yukiteru and Yuno’s relationship fake!”
  • The fact that Ai is raped is a lot less realistic than it really should be. It has been kind of hinted at that Ai was bullied at her high school, or at least a loner, because she just chooses to hang out with Marco more than anyone else. It honestly felt really gratuitous and ridiculous. If such a situation were to happen, I believe the worst thing they could do is have those guys beat her up; not rape her. We all know that rape is horrible and it shouldn’t happen to anyone, regardless for who they are but would high schoolers really make that much of a leap? Would high schooleres really pay someone to rape a girl – just because they think she’s pretentious? It could happen, sure, but this took me out of the moment so quickly and it’s just so jarring. As I mentioned, they only showed one freaking clip of the high school girls being high school girls. It’s just maddening to cheapen such a horrible act like that! Remember: I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but it doesn’t happen as much as this series wants to believe.

I really do love this couple and they do have a good point about the relationship Yukiteru and Yuno have (actually, I’m just honestly glad they were able to tell it to their faces). But if it wasn’t for the first feeling I have about this couple, I would have more than continue to talk about how cute they are.

But it’s something that’s been bothering me a lot about this couple. I love them to death and I loved everything before that point. Had they taken out the rape and just have her beaten up, I feel like I would have felt a lot better about it. Rape is something not to take lightly – I just really dislike the fact that Marco “grew” to love her more when it should have been more of a feeling of protectiveness, respect, and actual love. They have true love but it really felt forced after that.

I really would love to read an Alternate Universe about them without that rape. What would have happened if those girls never done that? What would have happened if she was merely beaten up? What if they tried to beat up Marco instead, for whatever reason?

This was a huge letdown for me because I sympathized with those two until they treated them like villains and they treated their relationship as a permanent guilt trip instead of an actual relationship; instead of trusting them to be actual characters without the gratuitousness of rape.

No. 02: Tsubaki Kasuguno (Sixth)

I really love this character. I don’t know why I do. I can sympathize with her greatly but at the same time…

  • Rape, rape, rape! Can we please stop with the rape? The first time it was revealed she was being raped by the new head of the religion/cult was a shock – as it should. But when she continued on about how the followers would rape her as well, I was banging my head against my desk because, seriously, what the hell? That isn’t necessary! And then she threatened the captured Yuno’s virginity if Yukiteru didn’t show up. I get that she’s bitter and angry. I get it. I get it. I get it. I get it. However, a girl with that much rage would probably want to beat up Yuno and angry at her for being able to keep her virginity and being able to have sexual agency – something she didn’t get to have. Not only that, it’s frustrating that such a great potential character was thrown out the window for trying to advance Yukiteru and Yuno’s relationship and to affirm his dependence on her.
  • What was the point of using her followers as part of the “undead” or hypnotized? I get she’s trying to get them into a false sense of security that someone else was controlling them but at the same time… it was pretty useless anyway since they captured Yuno eventually anyway. It was pointless and a waste of animation and time.  There really wasn’t anything there other than to show off Yuno’s mad killing skills.
  • Why kiss Yukiteru anyway? Other to piss off Yuno? Why? That was also pretty pointless…

Either way, though, I really like her. I liked in the beginning how she was and how she ended up being in the third world. She seemed to love her parents and even followed their lie as long as her parents were comfortable with everything. I think what it was that made me like Tsubaki is that she seemed to have a good head on her shoulder. She wanted the religion to, first of all, help people and not to give into the sins unlike what happened in the first and second worlds. Perhaps it’s called “characterization” that needed to happen for Tsubaki to lure Yukiteru and Yuno in so she could try to kill them.

But, why use rape? Why use rape? Why? Why couldn’t they have just used her pain and anger about finding out Funatsu’s successful plot and, as much as she wants to bring him to justice, it’s impossible because, if she did that, then he could reveal her fake clairvoyance.

Why use that when you can use rape, though, right? …

No. 01: Minene Uryu (Ninth)

Okay, I’m sure a lot of people really like her the best. And I’ll do my best to explain why. She’s a woman of her own – she make own decisions to a point… Her romantic interest in Nishijima is believable up until he says, “Oh, have my babies.” Like, he literally says that.

I really enjoyed her character – even though she keeps saying she doesn’t have anything to lose, she does a lot of favors for the main characters. She even gets Deus’s powers in the end! Though, the only thing I really have to criticize really is that I felt they kind of forced the romance between her and Nishijima but I still believed it. It was way more realistic’s than Yuno and Yukiteru and it wasn’t as guilty as Ai and Marco’s.

I kind of have to wonder though why they bothered to pair her up with Nishijima in the end anyway – we all knew she was going to get with him, but to already have kids with him even though there’s another Minene running around in the third world is a little much and I wondered if that could have been a paradox. I would loved to read more about them more than anything.

Another note on Minene: she’s more than entertaining – she’s an actual character. I know I said before on others that it would have been a lot better off if they were the main characters, but I really could have just watched an anime straight up about Minene – she’s interesting and I loved her past (for once, it didn’t include rape in it) and how it was revealed – I especially loved that speech she gave Yukiteru before Deus rescued her from the bomb.

I really wished that Minene could have been without a man because finally she can be a badass female character who doesn’t need a man but eh, I’ll take what I can get. She’s awesome and I love her. I also loved the little tidbits we learned about her on the way – but I think, while I still love and adore her character, I’d be hard pressed to forgive her right away; she did blow up a school and killed kids after all.

The only thing that bothered me was that, okay, true, she’s a terrorists – but why was she a terrorist? She could have easily just been doing whatever she wanted in Japan – how did she get to where she was? Why is she a terrorist? Does it go on much deeper than her running away from the helplessness she originally tried to run away from? I guess she’s a terrorist for the sake of being one but hm, I just wish there was just more depth to her than that.

If you’ve managed to read all this, I commend you and you have my admiration. This took me a few days to make, haha. But here’s my thoughts on the characters of Mirai Nikki and why I didn’t like it as much as I thought I was going to. It’s not bad, but it’s also not good. This anime, really, gave me a lot more questions than answers.



  1. Nah, she’s clearly a Terrorist for uncle osama and great grandpa allah


    (and police I’m kidding so pls don’t track my IP and arrest me, just some good old humor)

  2. Minene is a terrorist because she’s an atheist extremist. She stopped believing in God when her parents were killed and began to hate Him instead for allowing her to suffer that misfortune. She hates God and the idea of God and she terrorizes religious organisations and figures in the hope that she will be able to rid the world of religion one day.
    Honestly, I can’t argue with that.

    1. Eh, still. Extremists from either side aren’t good to have – no one likes to be forced to believe in anything. I still admire her, though, for her strength to go on (even if she has nefarious extreme ideals) rather than her ideals.

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