Bootleg Bounty: Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

So let’s talk about bootlegs. Unfortunately, they’re a fact of life especially if you’re into figures or, really, any kind of official merchandise. Hopefully, I won’t make too many posts about the bootlegs I own but instead others. However, since this is the first post, I might as well talk about the bootleg figure I own, right?

Basically, this new thing should help identify the bootlegs and prevent other figure owners (or possibly help new ones just getting into it) from getting them if they want to avoid it. ^^ Bloosica from MFC has already created a very helpful YouTube video about how to identify some bootleg nendoroids! Of course, she didn’t get all of them but it’s still a really helpful video. ^^

How did I even get a bootleg? You see, this was before I managed to get Naegi!

I mentioned once before how I went to a local Japanese festival this year with Chu but a few years ago, we went to the same one but they didn’t have the stuff they have now. There was a stand that sold figures like these. Not knowing any better, I bought it for $15 cash and I thought that this was real. Sadly, after asking some of my closer figure friends, I realized she’s not a real nendoroid.

It’s really obvious now – she was wrapped in a freaking plastic bag, no extra parts, none of the parts were removable anyway, and, well… I would imagine a Madoka nendoroid would have a better stand than the one that’s in the picture.

Here she is compared to Tomoko, though (without the stand):

Since Tomoko is the newest nendoroid and she doesn’t have many pictures yet, I decided to use her as my example of a real nendoroid versus the fake one that I stupidly bought. As you can easily tell, it actually looks like you can move Tomoko while Madoka just stays perfectly in place with Kyubey on her arm – permanently. Sorry, Homura, but it looks like she’s stuck that way forever!

One of my friends who helped identify the fake for me asked me for pretty detailed pictures. I deleted them a long time ago but here some more again for reference.

Anyway, she had mentioned that it looked like whoever was putting together this fake Madoka had taken (or bought?) other parts and seemed to force it on there. Look at that picture! I can kinda see what she’s talking about. The bangs are permanently glued on (it has to be because I can’t think of any other way to keep it on like that which is affordable) and I cannot turn her head or move her arms up and down.

Most of all, I can’t even remove Kyubey off of there!

I can’t even turn her body around! I really feel like an idiot for buying this…! But then, I just wanted a figure so bad! I wanted to start a collection, maybe, a little too early than what I was ready for. Sigh. I hope this post serves a reminder that: you get what you pay for! She was only $15, probably not even half of what actual nendoroids cost!

Here’s where the differences are especially between the parts. It has been some time but the colors have faded on her skirt. The colors on the top part still seem pretty pink and seems that time wasn’t that cruel. Well, I’ve had this fake one since 2011 so of course color is going to fade a little bit. I’ve had her in a bag for the year and then I opened it in 2012.

Here’s the stand that she comes with. Also, not a nendoroid stand, right? The older ones, even when the actual Madoka nendoroid came out, didn’t have these kinds of stands. Plus, this kind of stand doesn’t really make any sense in terms of her character. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen Madoka yet (and if you haven’t, you really should!) but, while rain did pour, it’s not really… the point, if you catch my drift? Augh, I just feel so ridiculous for buying her!

Even so, though, I have to admit, she does make a fun subject to take pictures of:

Looks like Tomoko is about to check to see if her idol is real...!

Looks like Tomoko is about to check to see if her idol is real…!

Tomoko couldn't help but also cosplay - since it's been a while since her photo's been taken~

Tomoko couldn’t help but also cosplay – since it’s been a while since her photo’s been taken~

Kyubey’s probably the most stable looking thing on this fake Madoka!

Including these two old pictures of her, yep, she’s perfect as a practice figure for future photoshoots for my precious figures. I just gotta, you know, do it. And save up for a decent camera. T_T

Any bootleg bounties you want to suggest? Contact me and we’ll talk about it together~!


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