Unagi Travel: A New Way to Travel?

As you can tell from the small video up above, there’s a service where, instead of saving up all that money for yourself (visa, clothes, passport, plane tickets, etc), you can send your favorite stuffed animal instead (from $35 to $55) as long as they are 250 grams. It’s called Unagi Travel! The tours are available are: Tokyo Tour (a tour of Tokyo), an Onsen Tour, and the Mystery Tour.

Not only that, they will send you pictures of your animal’s trip and post them on their Facebook, and maybe Tumblr. Apparently, they have a Twitter too! Here’s an interview the creator did with To Fugu and you can probably see more pictures!

I think this is a really cute idea. And it’s very sweet! ^^ But the question remains, would I do this myself?

The thing is, I don’t know. I have a very important stuffed animal with me so this would definitely be something I would like…

Everyone, this is Pokey. ^^ She has been with me since I was 7-8 years old. I know she looks really different from everyone else but she is a snow leopard. She’s been my best and closest friend for years! She hates water and she always loves to travel and go on adventures! She’s not shy at all and wanted me to post this picture of her to introduce herself.

When I told her about the Unagi Travel, she really liked the idea and wondered if she could go but you see… Here’s where my complicated feelings come in.

You see, she’s very delicate. My grandmother would always have to sew her back together because I was a little rough back then. Now I’m worrying all the time about her! Japan is a long trip, especially for a stuffed animal and even more so a special one like Pokey. I don’t want to lose her. I can’t stand the thought of it! Just thinking about it makes me really sad if something were to happen to her.

And then look at her – she doesn’t look like all the cute plushies Unagi-san seems to get and post pictures of… but at the same time, I want Pokey to experience something different. On the other hand, I’m so scared and it’s also a lot of money. I’m really scared for her and I worry about her if she does get to go.

Though, I do take her everywhere I travel – because if I don’t, I’ll get bad luck on the trip! I’ve already made the decision for her not to go. Mostly because I’m so scared for her and how much it costs. I don’t know how Unagi-san is going to treat her (I don’t want her to come apart again and I’m not there to take care of her). Unagi-san seems to take special care of other people’s stuffed animals, I don’t want to risk it.

I’d rather just bring her with me when I go travel!

Would you send your most precious stuffed animal on their own, especially overseas? This is a really cute idea, and I wonder if there can be a service like this for figures! But, like I said, just the thought of Pokey not being home with me just makes me so uncomfortable….


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