A TL;DR Essay: Why I Hated Book of Shadows


A lot of people really like this game and, of course, there are those who didn’t. I fall in the latter category because of reasons I’m going to have underneath the cut. To save you the time of me going through every chapter (up and including the bad endings), here’s my summation of my feelings about Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.

Did we seriously just spent all this time just going through the expansion of the bad endingsjust for that awful epilogue? It’s great learning more about Kizami, I guess, and the Byakudan Senior High School students because of their popularity. And I supposed it’s good to at least know what happened to Morshige in one instance of his death…it wasn’t all that necessary though. It really wasn’t.

It was good to learn about how Naho managed to bring Sayaka Ooue into coming to Heavenly Host Elementary but beyond that, it was kind of a waste of time. I was actually hoping to learn more about Naho and Kibiki’s relationship.

Okay. So after all that, it’s time for me to get into a long explanation why I didn’t like it and a true expansion of why I feel the way I feel about this particular game.

As usual, there are major spoilers behind the cut! Please proceed with caution! Please note that I am getting my summaries from the Corpse Party wikipedia so please forgive me if there are errors. It has been a while since I watched the Let’s Play.

The true OTP of this game, let's be real.

The true OTP of this game, let’s be real.

To start off, I have to give the usual background. It mostly plays as a prequel, as it continues from the Wrong END 6 ★8 in Corpse Party, when Sachiko sends the students during the original game back in time where she basically erases their memories except for Satoshi. He doesn’t manage to convince his classmates not to do the charm again as it will just repeat to their doom so he’s resigned to just go with them. These chapters is based on everything after they go back to the school a second time.

All the prologue is that Naomi’s mother thinks she’s crazy because she talks about Seiko and won’t resolve to the fact that Seiko is not just dead, but actually ceased to exist due to the fact she had died in the school. That’s really it. It’s just the opening to the epilogue chapter which I’ll get to.

Chapter One: Seal

The first episode features Naomi Nakashima, and it repeats the events that happened in the first chapter of Corpse Party. However, there is a twist: this time, Naomi knows how it will end and she will do everything she can do to stop it.

The thing is, she can’t stop Seiko’s fate! Either it goes on with what happened before (Naomi gets possessed and hangs Seiko) or she manages to stop herself from hanging her but Seiko is so scared that she trips and decapitates herself with piano wire that happened to be set up. Like. There’s my first problem right there – it makes promises it knows it can’t keep. Okay, sure, it’ll give Naomi and Seiko some more development and gives some fan service (as though it needed it). And sure Naomi actually does try to prevent it by talking to Seiko and then trying to remember what happened while Sachiko tries to fuck it up. It’s not really such a mind fuck since we already know that Seiko was going to die and she was going to be doomed to repeat her death forever.

There wasn’t really anything new here other than new ways to kill Seiko – which actually angered me because they built her up so well during the Corpse Party: Repeated Fear.

Chapter Two: Demise

The second episode features Mayu as she tries to survive in the school to find the others.

This time, Mayu survives a little longer and tries to find Morishige. She actually runs into Yoshiki and Ayumi and a girl named Nana (who was featured in an extra in the first remake). After they rescued Nana, Mayu starts to get weird markings all over her body, including bruises from literally nowhere. The four travel some more until they see something shiny (the holy water) from the bottom of a hole. Mayu goes in and, even though she promised Nana that she would find her friends and classmates alive, finds one of their bodies there. Sadly, she lies and says that the holy water was from someone else.

Ayumi goes missing but they find her in the Reference room and Yoshiki manages to snap her out of it.  Naturally, Ayumi doesn’t remember a thing but they carry on and find out, yet again, what had happened to the children who roam the halls and kill people. Then they chill when, while Mayu and Nana were gossiping, Mayu noticed that the dark lines were spreading over her body. Nana becomes more anxious and decides to go out and finds her friends and Mayu chases her at Yoshiki’s insistence

However, it was too late for Nana as Yoshikazu smashes her legs and drags her away for her death. Mayu is too scared to do anything but after Nana disappears, she runs away. She gets to the infirmary, ironically where she had met the ghosts before they flung her against the wall the first time, where her own marks starts to bleed. Sachiko starts scolding her when the children ghosts start to tear her apart and actually nail her to the wall.

Again, what was the point in this? One of the bad endings had Yoshiki being murdered because the player would have chosen him to go down in there to pick up the holy water or Nana would have died prematurely. There really wasn’t much of Nana to learn about other than the manner that she died in (I think, if I remember right) and who she actually was – but we already knew who she was in the extras from Repeated Fear. There’s just no point of it all!?

Mayu’s characterization remained the same and despite her trying to keep a secret about her markings and bruises, it was pointless anyway. Like Seiko, she was doomed to die over and over. Granted, it made things a little clearer what her feelings were for Morishige but at the same time, it was still kind of obvious even in the first game. Again, completely pointless.

Chapter Three: Encounter

In the third episode, Yui Shishido is sick, so Satoshi goes to visit her. While he’s at her house, Yui has a dream about her time as a student at Kisaragi Academy.

For some reason, Satoshi, has to go and check on Ms. Yui because reasons, I guess. That’s when we meet Ms. Yui’s kitty, Monet, she talked about briefly in the first game. Since she has been sick, this is obviously the perfect time for some Satoshi and Ms. Yui screenshots of her being delirious and her thinking that maybe Satoshi is her first love. The boring protagonist manages to put her to bed and decides to watch over her with Monet’s “permission”.

From here on out, this is apparently her memory from 5 years ago, prior to the first game. At the time, she was studying to take an entrance exam to become a teacher, and especially, as she was only one student in the whole academy who actually know what she wanted to do. She was apparently pretty popular among the students because of her personality and enthusiasm. Then, she met Tsukasa Mikuni, in the courtyard and where they spent most of their time together.

When one of Ms. Yui’s classmates, Tomoe, gets mad at Ms. Yui for the differences of attitudes in trying to decide on what to do, Ms. Yui starts to doubt herself and wonders if she would even make a good teacher. Tsukasa catches her crying alone in the hall and made her feel better in his own way, after he managed to get Ms. Yui to tell him what was the matter. She just falls for him more although she wonders if he felt the same way but then realizes that he probably didn’t.

Tsukasa then gives her a stubby pencil which was said that helped him get into Kisaragi Academy – and he’s just passing the luck along down to her as a good luck charm when she takes her own college exam.

One rainy morning, though, on the final day of her mock exams, the young Ms. Yui runs into an old woman that collapses on the road outside her house. The old lady demands not for Ms. Yui to go to school that day as she whipped out a proxy doll with the same name as hers – “Shishido Yui” when the confused student refuses. Since Yui is understandably scared shitless by the old woman, she drops the doll and the rain washes away the writing – thus destroying the charm.

This really pissed off the old lady so much that she had a cardiac arrest. Yui had her mom not just call the ambulance and left with the old lady, she continues to go to school, still ignoring the warnings.

When she talked about it to her classmates about what had happened, they started to talk about the “Seven Wonders” of Kisaragi Academy, “Yoshie After School”.  The story goes that when Kisaragi was Heavenly Host Elementary, a teacher fell down the stairs and died. Despite the school being torn down years later, only for Kisaragi Academy to replace the elementary school, her spirit still wanders the halls at night.

After the day was over, Yui leaves for her home but, on the way, she runs into Tsukasa. She explained to him what had happened but he didn’t take it very seriously and he didn’t want her to think too much about it. But it clearly affected her, so she gets mad at him for not understanding.

Soon they parted ways. When Yui goes in her house, her mother tells her that the old woman had just died at the hospital a while ago. It took a while for Yui to really sink on what happened as she reflects in her room until she remembers she forgot the pen case that had Tsuaka’s pencil inside her desk. Since it was only 7pm, she goes back to school since she really feels she couldn’t pass without his good luck charm.

Ten minutes later, she suddenly recalls the “Yoshie After School” story. While she walks to her classroom, 3-4, she then hears electric organ go off throughout the hall. She tells herself that it’s just someone practicing.

Once she’s in the classroom, she gets the pen case but starts to hesitate when she notices the teacher’s podium. Since she finds the podium as something sacred, she decides it’s one of the few chances she’ll have to stand behind it, not as a student, but as a teacher. However, the lights suddenly go out and the electric organ starts playing again even though it’s electric. She tries to get out but she strips over a desk and spilled the contents. When she picked it up and put whatever it was that fell out back inside the desk, she touches something slimy.

When lightning strikes for a brief moment, Yui sees a bloodied room and realized the sudden smell was blood.

She panicked so as she tried to escape, she finds out that the classroom is now “locked” and she starts to experience “Yoshie After School”. She hears footsteps outside and, since she thought it was a custodian, she called out for help. Then she realizes that it could have been a spirit outside instead when she listened to the footsteps, which sounded more unnatural as it gets closer and closer. She hides under the podium and her fears were realized when she saw something come by the door and saw how it had an ethereal glow about it.

Yui hears the door opening – she saw that as her chance to escape. However, as she starts to leave, the figure looked like the old woman from earlier that movie. She scolds her for staying at the school so late but Yui was understandably so scared that she rushes towards the door only to find the old woman behind the door mere seconds later. After she considered her options, she sees a bag of salt left on one of the tables, and since she does know what salt does to spirits, she brings it with her in case she would need to use it as she left through the back door of the classroom. She uses the salt to distract the old woman to run past her towards the entryway of the school building.

As she’s trying to make her escape, Yui is accosted by someone with a broken neck with an unusual strength wrenching Yui’s right arm. She manages to free herself when she sees Tsukasa unexpectedly and they run back to the school. Realizing that Yoshie was the one who was chasing them, Tsuaka attempts to distract her by telling Yui that he has his own charm to defend himself with.

Yui knew it was a lie as she tries to run away on her own – calling out to Yoshie to protect Tsukasa. This is when Yui realizes that things that hold the feelings, wishes, and beliefs of others are charms in their own way as she held out the pencil she received earlier that day to ward off the spirit.

It was all in vain as Yoshie launches her to the ceiling and held her there as she gets closer to kill her. Suddenly, the old woman appears again in a flash of light – and addresses the situation. She gets into a monologue about how she regrets not being able to protect them but believed evil wouldn’t be spread anymore. Yoshie directs her attention to the old woman and attacks her instead; but they both vanish.

Yui falls from the ceiling and gets unconscious only to wake up later inside the infirmary as Tsuaka looks over her. He says he just found her outside the school building and the school nurse, luckily there that evening, helped Yui while she recovered.

Unsure if she had experienced a nightmare, and after the school nurse lets her loose, Tsuakasa takes her to the walkway that connects the school – which is apparently another favorite place of his to watch the sun set.

As the sun rises, the two hold each others hands and Yui apologizes for her behavior earlier. He moves in to, originally Yui thought was a kiss, tell her that she has a strange bruise mark on her arm.

That was when she wakes up to the present and Miss Yui sees Satoshi inside her home and holding her hand. He explains the situation again as Yui was not in a state of mind for discussion. They talk a bit more and Satoshi teases her that she was calling out Tsukasa’s name. She tells him about him and thanks Satoshi for helping out. She still carries the bruise on her arm but neither of them bring it up.

And that concludes chapter 3. Okay, so this one is actually one of the more interesting chapters of this game and, while it doesn’t really make sense to have Miss Yui killed in the real world as this is just a dream, I thought the wrong ends were rather, again, pointless. However, it does introduce Tsukasa and that Yui was in love with him.

My only real complaint about this chapter is that it’s not as expanded as I wanted it do. Why did that old woman try to protect Yui? What was her reasoning? How did she know about the Yoshie story, much less the fact there’s actually an evil spirit? I really like how they built up this story only to be tossed aside as a oneshot only. I really wanted to learn more about Yui as a student as well as what had happened to Tsuakasa.

The only glimmering hope about this is that there is actually a reason why she has that bruise on her right arm: it’s where she got her arm broken later on in Heavenly Host Elementary. It’s not much, but it’s something, rather than nothing.

Either way, I feel that this could have been better other than more girls tossing themselves at Satoshi…but, again, this is why I don’t like this game. This chapter is good and interesting. It introduces something but it doesn’t really finish the thought. It’s just an excuse to put Yui in a school girl uniform, they remembered this was a Corpse Party game so they gave her this…dream. Then, they just had gratuitous fanservice. It’s just… disappointing, man.

Chapter Four: Purgatory

The fourth episode features Sayaka Ooue who is looking for her best friend, Naho Saenoki, inside Heavenly Host.

This chapter takes place in the view of Sakaya Ooue, a popular teenaged DJ. It’s rather clear that both Sayaka and Naho are really close friends but their careers outside of school has them leading extremely busy lives. However, they manage to still hang out and go to a concert of their favorite band and then they went to a cafe afterwards. Since Sayaka had always been interested in Naho’s job as a supernatural expert and writer, she asks Naho to share her stories over the radio.

At first, Naho tries to let her down easy but Sayaka treats her like a cat, to which she eventually agrees. Then they head towards to Kou Kibiki’s, a writer and supernatural reporter whom Naho adores and calls him her sempai, Sayaka meets him for the first time as well as his assistant for Shougo Taguchi. After Sayaka contacts her parents about their plans, they have some tea.

The next day, on Sayaka’s program, she’s about to introduce Naho when Naho feels strange and notices the girl in red sitting in the corner. No one else seems to notice her but Naho although Sayaka notices that Naho is acting a little strange. Naho doesn’t say anything but continues on.

After the show, Sayaka asks Naho what was up but the crew notices Sachiko’s presence when they replayed the recording. They pick up “I see you” while Naho was talking before the director actually collapsed during the replays.

The director is immediately escorted to the hospital as Naho apologizes and the two girls leave the studio. When Sayaka’s in her room, she hears Sachiko’s voice but cannot see her.

That was when she heard Naho’s own screaming voice. Sayaka rushes to her side and gets information out of the girl who said that her precious Kibiki had left for Heavenly Host without her but with Taguchi. After she had calmed down, Naho asks Sayaka to go with her to Heavenly Host to rescue him but Sayaka, scared shitless, at first rejects the offer. Then Naho promises to protect her no matter what which manages to convice Sayaka to perform the charm. She leaves Sayaka and she gets dressed.

Since it was rather late, her mother was worried about her going out since it is clear that Sayaka is diabetic and she has to eat a certain kind of chocolates to keep her sugar level appropriate. However, the radio personality lies to her with TV outings. Her mother gives her more candy, saying that sweet treats replenishes brain power. The two girls, Sayaka and Naho, perform the Sachiko Ever After charm.

After Sayaka finally wakes up, she finds herself in the Abandoned Bomb Shelter. To find Naho, or to at least try, she starts to explore and finds the Dissection Room. She finds blood and maggots and starts to express her sickness for the sight; though, she does find a table and, on top of it, something that resembles meat.

Then she hears footsteps. Heavy footsteps. Originally, and for some reason, Sayaka thought it was Naho’s but realized it was much heavier than it sounded. She managers to hide in a cabinet to witness a monster (Yoshikazu) tear out a tongue out of a mutilated girl (who’s actually Nana from the Mayu chapter). Extremely shocked at the sight, Sayaka eventually calms down and waits as patiently as she could for the monster to leave.

After he did, she leaves her hiding spot and looked at the girl who had just died merely moments before and is more determined than ever to find Naho.

Who knows how many days pass by as Sayaka finally collasps in fatigue after no food and water. She is eventually dragged away by the monster as she left her piece of candy behind.

While she’s being hammered alive by Yoshikazu, Sachiko mocks her and eats it.

This game doesn’t even get deaths consistent – unless, again, we’re just doing another timeline here. For what reason though? In Blood Covered, her name tag is found which also states she died of darkening – not being hammered to death by Yoshikazu. Another thing too is that, it changed views within the same chapter – which is something that’s so annoying that other writers do a lot. I didn’t really want to see Sachiko in the radio booth when Naho saw her. This was supposed to be in Sayaka’s point of view.

We were supposed interpret Naho’s strange behavior from Sayaka’s point of view and wasn’t really all that surprised (or scared) when they found Sachiko’s voice and when the director collapsed. I get this is supposed to be a chapter where we try to infer Naho and Sayaka’s relationship together before they entered Heavenly Host. We were supposed to see Naho’s behavior as despicable – as she used her best friend as a way to get into Heavenly Host only to 1) just so Naho can be close to Kibiki 2) why it’s infuriating for Naho to just build this wonderful friendship with Sayaka to just throw her away.

That was the whole point. Although, the nature of Sayaka’s death could be that Yoshikazu started to kill her but left for some reason. After that, she could start to realize that Naho used her and that, not only that, her friendship with the girl was a farce. And how she never really cared about her – and because that Naho knew they would be going to a dangerous place, it didn’t seem that Naho was worried at the possibility that they may have been separated.

The wrong ends were also pointless. We all knew that Sayaka was going to die anyway. There’s just no point to that.

All in all, I think I’ll have a better gravity of Sayaka’s death and darkening in the light novel, Corpse Party ~Naho Saenoki’s Examination of the Spiritual World~ series. Has someone translated that yet?

Chapter Five: Shangri-La

The fifth episode features Sakutaro Morishige who is looking for Mayu.

He searches for Mayu but during the fruitless journey, he meets some students from Byakudan Senior High School. Initially, he wanted to be by himself but actually ends up sticking around and watches their stories end in front of his eyes.

The whole thing about Sakutaro is that he is only really looking for Mayu. And in both versions – the original timeline (depending which ending you got) and this timeline, he still finds her body first and thinks hers is the most beautiful out of all of them.

And of course, Mayu reveals herself and he commits suicide in both iterations. There’s really not much to say about this other than in one of the wrong endings, it’s actually hinted he becomes a murderer like Yoshikazu as he…gets turned on? I think this is where people get the idea that he’s a necrophiliac but the truth, is that it’s the wrong ending for a reason. It’s supposed to be wrong and fucked up.

I would say this is one of the most boring chapters as it’s just him walking down the halls, talking to the Byakudan students, and watching them as shit happens. Eventually, the chapters will connect themselves. In fact, Morishige finds one of the bodies from the later chapters too. I guess this is supposed to connect all of them together but, and I keep having to repeat myself, there is literally no point of this at all.

It doesn’t expand his character or his relationship with Mayu. Granted, I think her spirit admits her love to him (I think?) but I could be wrong. Either way, it doesn’t do much other than provide people with “proof” that he’s a necrophiliac and that he and Kizami are kin. They’re not. Kizami is a freak but more on that in a bit.

Chapter Six: Mire

The sixth episode features Yuuka Mochida, just after being caught by Yuuya Kizami. It shows how she tries to escape the school, while helping out an elementary school girl she finds along the way.

This takes place during a wrong end in the first game. Yuuka wakes up in the Science Lab but doesn’t remember much although she does know she got separated from Satoshi while looking for the bathroom and met up with another teenager named Kizami – who was supposedly looking for his little sister. She realizes she can’t move but has been tied down to a table. She tries to break free only to see Kizami entering the room.

He tells her not to loosen the rope but she pleads for help. Kizami refuses, as he says he’s the one who tied his “little sister” up and he can’t let her go. She gets scared and struggles but nothing comes out of it. Kizami gets a small knife and tries to get Yuuka to call him “big brother” and to beg him for help. She doesn’t. He gets enraged and is about to kill her when he starts to actually feel sorry for her. Deciding to just abandon all emotion, he starts to torture her.

Because reasons, her cries start to touch his heart and gave him a sense of grief. He starts to ask himself, “Do I want a little sister?” Yuuka gets worried about him and asks if he has a headache.; then she asks if it’s okay if she wanted some painkillers from her pocket. He actually considers it and as he’s thinking deeper, Yoshikazu appears behind him and strikes him down with a hammer.

He then releases her from the rope and stops momentarily. Yuuka tries to remain calm and thinks of something as she decided to pick up some hydrochloric acid and threw it at him, which made him recoil slightly and destroy the lit lamp but it made it possible for Yuuka to escape.

As she’s running to the first floor, an earthquake occurs and she falls through a hole on the floor to the Abandoned Bomb Shelter. Yuuka tries to enter the storage room but, at first, it’s locked. So she decided to explore further in hopes she would find someone who could help. But first, she heads towards the girls’ bathroom and picked up a piece of wood – to help hide her soiled underwear.

A horrible stench comes from a room and Yuuka hears the sound of water. She then thinks about washing her hands after handling her nasty panties but decides to carry on. Some houseflies appear to annoy her but as she continues on, she sees a lot of corpses and gets even more scared. However, she comes across a shaft from above and considered to climb up. However, before she could, another body falls down but they’re still alive.

It’s obviously Sachiko, but she acts pitiful and uses the fact that Yuuka doesn’t know what she really is to her full advantage to where Yuuka decides to bring her along with her.

They both discover the Dissection Room but Sachiko tells Yuuka she’s cold and she wanted Yuuka’s shoes. Yuuka only gives Sachiko her socks for that moment but on the way to the girls’ bathroom, Sachiko complains that her feet hurt. Yuuka offers her shoes again and gives it to her.

Sachiko then tells Yuuka that the storage room, once was locked, was now opened and they could go in. The murderous ghost plays with a camera she finds and takes a picture of Yuuka. Then she feels tired and both of them decide to sleep together on nearby bedsheets. Suddenly, the girl in red wakes the other up and says she lost a hairpin. She starts to cry and asks for Yuuka’s instead but Yuuka actually hesitates. This pisses Sachiko off but Yuuka insists that especially since her hairpin is a gift from her mother, she couldn’t give it to Sachiko.

The word ‘mom’ triggered something in Sachiko and she starts to cry. Apologizing, Yuuka offers to help find the hairpin and Sachiko accepts. They leave the storage room and manage to step into the Corpse Disposal Room, but Yuuka hesitates at first. Sachiko pushes her in and actually enters it first. Yuuka rushes in and finds the girl lying on the floor, groaning. Concerned, she goes to her and asks if she’s okay but Sachiko pushes her in the soup of bodies and blood with a lot of force.

Yuuka actually almost drowns but manages to escape. When she comes up for air, coughing, Sachiko mentions there’s something in her hair – some lone fingers. Understandably, she screams at the fingers and passes out.

Once she’s awake, Sachiko apologizes so much that she cries. Yuuka insists that she’s okay but she’s just happy to know that Sachiko is okay; this was apparently Sachiko’s cue to laugh evilly.

However, in this chapter, if Yuuka decides to just give Sachiko the hairpin, Yuuka will start the process of darkening. After the hairpin, Sachiko will ask her “big sis”, something she asked Yuuka to call her during this chapter, her hair as well. Without so much of an answer, Sachiko just starts pulling hair out and manages to scalp her as well. Yuuka’s legs will start to get heavy, and as she starts to feel dizzy, as she’s actually bleeding from her head before her vision gets blurry. Darkness starts to overcome and Sachiko asks if her “big sis” is okay. Yuuka tries to get herself together as she thinks of herself as a big sister.

Sachiko asks her to hurry up but Yuuka’s steps get heavier and heavier. Finally, she asks one more thing from Yuuka – her life. By now, she seems to be in a trance and agreeing and disagreeing with whatever Sachiko said. Yuuka tries to fight but loses and agrees to give her her life. Yoshikazu comes out behind her to give her the final blow.

Then Sachiko takes a picture of her body to send to Satoshi.

First of all, why do we have this chapter? We already know what happens to Yuuka if she gets caught. We already knew that she was going to get killed by Sachiko from the get go. Couldn’t they have, you know, made Sachiko wear one of the uniforms from the students? Throughout both games, it was evident that there were not just high school students down in Heavenly Host – there were both junior high and elementary students. Elementary students. That would have been an amazing plot twist to have!

It would have really messed with the player’s mind further but at the same time, I guess they were just really lazy. You can tell they were just getting tired of writing about the Kisaragi students by this point (as if Morishige’s chapter wasn’t evident enough).

Fans have already speculated that the anatomy figure in the Science Lab is probably Kizami so why did they feel the need to actually confirm it? Speculating is half the fun! And, to be honest, it would have been nice to have a wrong end that didn’t end in some kind of death. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nice happy ending – they actually not die – and that would be considered the wrong end? That would make sense and it’d make more despair for the player that despair roam the halls of Heavenly Host and any kind of hope is wrong to have.

But instead, we just get death, death, and a little bit of extra gore. Were they really necessary?

Episode Seven: Tooth

The seventh episode features Tohko Kirisaki who is looking for an exit, so she and her friends from Byakudan Senior High School can escape.

This starts off at the beginning for the Byakudan Senior High School students before they went to Heavenly Host. Tohko has a crush on Kizami and asks Kurosaki about him as he’s one of the few people who managed to get close to him. Before he could actually reply, though, Mitsuki appears and takes him away to do student council duties.

All this does is shows how each character are when it comes to interacting with each other. In Heavenly Host, Tohko throws up in the girls bathroom while Emi, her friend, watches over her. When she’s done, they meet up with Ohkawa, Kai, Yuuya, and an injured Katayama. Kizami offers to carry Katayama to safety but Tohko suggests to look for a trap-less route.

Kai then asks Emi and Tohko to start looking. Tohko only agrees because Kizami was coming, then a reluctant Kai, as they left Ohkawa to take care of Katayama.

They try to open the door to the infirmary but the door was locked. Kai had the key but he refused to give it to Tohko, never mind the actual need for bandages. They eventually find an entrance way, whose door suddenly opens. Kai wants to go outside to look but Tohko stops him which caused the both of them to argue. Emi and Tohko returns to Ohkawa and Katayama to check on them while Kai and Kizami also argues. Strangely, Kizami is calm.

On the way, they hear Mitsuki crying out. Kizami suggests to take Katayama towards downstairs but he had already passed out from losing so much blood. Tohko leaves the two in Kizami’s care while she searches for Mitsuki but couldn’t find her. Tohko returns only to be stopped by Ryou’s spirit, which scared the shit out of her. She goes back to the entrance way to talk to a friendly ghost who left behind an amethyst which is known to repel the deadly poltergeist.

When she returns, she finds out that Katayama is already dead. Emi hugs her, while she’s mentally breaking down from everything that’s going on. Everyone thinks they see Kai approaching them but they find his body, on his knees and stabbed by the knife he threatened Kizami with.

Children ghosts’ laughter echo in the hallways and then Sachiko appears behind Kai’s body. Kizami tells Tohko to run away while he and goes to check on everyone else. But while Tohko looks up, she sees Emi running past Kizami downstairs and Ohkawa tells her to run.

Kizami seems to have finally lost it as he laughs manically as Tohko drags Emi to safety. Emi tries to warn her about Kizami, saying how he was the one who killed Katayama but Tohko doesn’t believe her. She stands by that her crush would never do an awful thing like that. Emi says one final farewell before running away and Kizami appears in front of Tohko as she starts to question him.

However, it was obvious that Kizami wasn’t himself or, rather, the boy she had a crush on. She stares into his cold, emotionless eyes while Kizami wonders out loud where Emi, Ohkawa, and Kurosaki had went, all while he got the knife from Kai’s body. Tohko runs in front of him to stop him but then gets knocked to the ground.

Kizami starts to punch her but decided to use her to test out his new weapon. Tohko, now realizing that Kizami will absolutely have no qualms about killing her spits out a tooth and bolts it. She gets the key from Kai’s body, the one he refused to use, and hides in the infirmary.

Kizami then eats Tohko’s tooth.

Can someone tell me the appeal of Kizami again? Because, seriously, this dude is intended to be a freak. He’s supposed to look all hot, cool, suave, and charming. But that’s why he’s fucking psycho and people shouldn’t like him. Like, I don’t get why this whole chapter was happening. And I get Tohko’s position of not really believing that her perfect Kizami could never kill anyone but at the same time, girl, he punched you.

That ain’t someone that’s worth loving.

But once again, this wasn’t as expanded as it should be. We saw clips of this from Morishige’s chapter earlier but we already know that, at this point, Kizami started on his killing spree.

In fact, I think the whole build up for this game is crap. This is how the order of the chapters should have been:

  1. Purgatory
  2. Encounter
  3. Seal
  4. Demise
  5. Shangri-La
  6. Tooth
  7. Mire (with the suggestion of a disguise as an elementary student for Sachiko for anactual surprise)

Timeline-wise, it would make a lot more sense and it wouldn’t feel like these chapters were just added as a last minute idea and maybe it could feel like it’s an actual sequel. Actually, I would outright remove SealDemise, and Mire – replace them with other chapters that could expand the side characters a bit more although I do wish in Shangri-La they could expand Morishige’s character other than he clearly thinks he’s better than everyone.

We know that already! Didn’t he say that he was a layered person? I didn’t see those layers. I only saw a few, at most, and that’s it. But nothing is as frustrating as the last chapter, or the epilogue.

Epilogue: BloodDrive

The prologue, BloodDrive, takes place after True End ★1 of Corpse Part. In this episode, Naomi Nakashima and Ayumi Shinozaki decide to go to the Shinozaki Estate. They are going to try and bring back the memories of the ones who died in Heavenly Host Elementary School, since nobody seems to be able to remember them (although there are still photos of them, but with faces covered); or, if they can, bring them back to life. This extra chapter anticipates a future game, tentatively titledCorpse Party: BloodDrive.

As it takes place after the first true end, it starts out with Naomi stalking Seiko’s siblings who seem to have forgotten that Seiko had even existed. She thinks about telling them about her when she sees Ayumi Shinozaki. The class representative calls her out on her bullshit but Naomi tries to deny it. Then Ayumi asks her to follow her to somewhere that involves the train.

They start talking to each other about what had happened in Heavenly Host and start to wonder out loud if they could bring back their dead friends, but Naomi worries that no one believes her when she says that Seiko exists (existed?).

This is when Ayumi shows Naomi Naho’s last blog entry – the Sachiko Ever After charm that caused Ayumi, among countless others, to perform it without knowing the way back. Ayumi also notes that in the backlog of her blog mentions the Shinozaki Estate (as well as the notes found in Heavenly Host) as well as her notes on it.

They reach the end of the train line where they find themselves way out in the countryside. They start walking until they come across a building. After knocking on the door, an old lady comes out and is actually very friendly. However, as soon as Ayumi asks about the Shinozaki Estate, her attitude changes and slams the door in their faces.

Naomi and Ayumi keep walking and tried to find other people but they had no more luck. Eventually, they start walking up a mountain, which they figure was where the house used to be. They start walking when a man drives past them. He sees them and asks where they were headed. They told him the Shinozaki Estate and he actually takes them there.

A while passes, and they almost hit a mysterious figure, but they’ve eventually make it to where there was no more road. The man tells them not to wander off too far and he would be right there waiting for them. They thank him and start walking into the foliage where they walk for almost hours on end. They decide to head back as it was getting darker but found that the truck was now abandoned. They try walking through the forest again just to find the same empty lot and the same empty truck.

For the third time, though, after walking through the forest, they find the Estate. On the way, the driver had told the girls that originally, Yoshie was an independent nurse who took care of her patients in her home but eventually had to close down. She took a job in Heavenly Host Elementary where both her and Sachiko had to commute for a long time but it was okay because life was good for them until they both met their untimely demise.

Once the girls find the Estate, they start exploring it. Uneasy and scared, they start to walk in the storage and eventually the Estate itself. They find clues of what the house must have been like before things drastically changed. Apparently, there are spirits who haunt the Estate still but, as far as I know, I don’t know what it is.

Soon, Ayumi finds the place where Naho must have stopped before she headed back for reasons unknown. They both go in the hole which led them to a sacred shrine of sorts and where Ayumi makes a startling discovery: her family and Sachiko’s family are related and they are considered cousins or at least aunts and niece.

As it turns out, the Shinozaki line is dominated by women. Anytime a Shinozaki woman’s first born is a daughter, two years later, their husband must die. It is a risk to take but Ayumi’s father is spared as he was the male heir. The powers are considered to be extremely powerful and it explains why Hinoe, her older sister, also has powers and took an interest in Wicca.

After finding the family tree, Ayumi then finds the legendary Book of Shadows. She tells Naomi the history of the book and realizes that Heavenly Host was made from one of the spells from the book. However, she was interested in a spell that promised to bring back her dead friends.

Even after realizing the possible repercussions, Ayumi and Naomi carry on with the spell but it gets very wrong very quickly. They attempted to bring back Mayu but… she was faceless. Since the fact that Mayu no longer existed on that plane of reality, this attempt was going to fail and punishment for not realizing this fact would not be an easy task to escape from.

Both girls are starting to feel the repercussions from the Book of Shadows but then Hinoe comes in and manages to quell it long enough to stop the pain the girls were experiencing. Hinoe hugs Ayumi, and is happy that she’s safe for a small moment, as Ayumi cries into her sister’s chest.

However, next thing Ayumi knew, Hinoe’s suddenly decapitated and blood falls all over her body as Ayumi shrieks in horror.

And that’s the end.

All right. So. Let’s get one thing straight here. Ayumi’s older sister, Hinoe, was a regular user of magic.

Did she not teach Ayumi about the repercussions? Especially from a book called Book of Shadows?! Like, I totally get wanting to bring their friends back. That’s a normal feeling, especially after everything they had went through.

But at the same time, I really feel that Ayumi dropped the ball big time. She should have asked her sister first and foremost since she knows that her sister is way more knowledgeable and more likely to understand what had happened to them.

Granted, it would be really hard to tell someone, “Hey, yeah, I did this charm that I found online so my friends and I tried it but we went to this school called ‘Heavenly Host’ where all this freaky shit happens and we were nearly killed by a little girl. But! My friends and I appeased her but on the way we lost our homeroom teacher and a few of our friends…Yeah.”

But like I said, Hinoe is a regular magic user and I’m pretty sure that she is more likely to understand what happened even if it seemed a bit farfetched and especially since, somehow, Naho kept her mark on the web. Knowledge is power and knowledge is key – without it, they would forever be locked out of ignorance which is what Ayumi just did.

Not to mention the fact that every magic user knows there is a heavy price to pay and there is a reason why certain things are forbidden! Things like “bringing people back from the dead” is one of the major ones that would have major repercussions. The wiki itself mentioned how the Book of Shadows is angry but I certainly don’t think that’s the case. I think it’s trying to take its payment.

Someone was going to pay for what it created – even if it is a faceless, monstrous version of a person who’s not supposed to exist anymore. I think Hinoe knew her life was going to end and I bet you she was furious with Ayumi but she didn’t let her see her anger. Instead, she gave her a smile, and then, BAM! Her head comes off and Ayumi’s covered in her sister’s blood.

She knew it was going to happen but Ayumi really should have known better. And not only that, she risked Naomi’s life as well! For what? What if the spell actually did work? What would the Book of Shadows take as payment for Morishige? Miss Yui? What about Seiko?

Would Naomi give up her life if it meant she couldn’t see her best friend anymore? And I think that’s one of the cruelest things Ayumi almost done. I don’t think she did it on purpose but it was really mindbogglingly stupid that this just made me even angrier about this game; which is why I actually hate it.

I really wish there was another way to do this chapter without having to sacrifice Hinoe or having Ayumi making really poor life decisions. But, I don’t know. I hope that whenever Corpse Party: BloodDrive comes out, they better have a real, and I mean real, good explanation why Hinoe had to die.



    1. That, my dear reader, is a mystery even to me! It COULD be the fact that she has the sixth sense but hopefully they’ll go more into detail in the new game!

      1. BOS = 99% of fillers + few questions, f.e. – why on Earth Sachiko’s mother was preparing a netherworld (school) while she was still alive when the principal didn’t give her the slightest idea that something bad might happen? What’s with the curse that killed her husband? Was the principal cursed too (sudden change of behavior)?

      2. They say it’s the principal’s guilt over for what he did but I honestly don’t think it’s that. It could be that Sachiko tormented him (it’s even shown in Naho’s chapter that Sachiko can come into the real world to torment real people) because of what happened and she doomed his spirit to the school forever. But exactly, BOS was just nothing but filler. :|

  1. Also, I really don’t think that they will cover some major plotholes from the first game – f.e. nobody investigting the school in search of missing child (Sachiko), or what happened to Sachiko’s corporal form? – why did she get her body back and what happened to it afterwards? I mean, people did find her with 3 other children dead. They thought she’s a survivor – they even made a photo of her to the newspaper! So, she was in the real world in front of real people, they were talking to her, touch her (at least medical examination when they thought they saved her from the murderer) and suddenly… poof! – she dissapeared and in fact that THEY KNEW about this survivor girl, nobody said a world, there wasn’t even the slightest info in the newspapers about her sudden dissapearence :/

    1. That’s also a really good point. It’s shown that she can come forth to the real world and it’s just… yeah. Ayumi did point it out to Naomi about Naho’s blog though but it didn’t answer anything. The whole backstory of Sachiko’s mom could have easily been done as early chapters for BOS to sort of take control of her and see from her point of view why she’s involved in this stuff (in terms of curses, withcraft, etc) rather than, “Surprise! The Shinozaki family are secretly part of Sachiko’s!” Like….this whole thing could have been rewritten a lot better.

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