Adjusting to Non-Figure Life…

Once again, I haven’t been posting as much as I should. I got a “promotion” at work (it’s in quotes because, really, all I get is $1 more – it’ll help though) recently and my hours have been reduced to 20 hours a week now. Because of that, I’ve been doing other things so I really won’t be tempted to impulse buy or preorder any figures besides the Aoba and the Sakura ones.

Though, I am officially planning to buy both the Ryuko and Mako nendoroids once they come out before too long or at least have a decent amount of time before I can save up and pre order them.

Anyway, this post is just really an update on what’s going on in my non-figure life. Plus, I don’t want to lose my readers out there!

Started Another Twitter

I started another twitter mostly because I wanted to talk about anime … but my personal is too clogged up with other junk (politics, rants, KPOP, etc) and I just really needed an outlet to post about anime without getting Twitter jailed. One day, I’ll add my Twitter feed to this blog so people can truly know how embarrassing I can be with anime, manga, etc.

If you follow me, you’ll get quality tweets like these:

But yeah. Feel free to follow. Just, you know, tell me who you are and where you found my anime-only twitter from since I tend to block people I’m not familiar with.

Playing DRAMAtical Murder

Literally my favorite scene so far…

Honestly, I’ve been trying to play this game for months, and I finally got it to work! Yay! Of course, though, if you follow my anime twitter and didn’t want to be spoiled for this game, well, I’m sorry. You may not need to after all because I’m live-tweeting it as I play. The Snipping Tool is an amazing and wonderful thing…

But yeah. I’m thinking about posting a review on here, as well as other Visual Novels I want to play, but should I just create another blog or use this as well? The main focus here are anime figures after all but I haven’t been posting much of that lately. I’m still into figures and everything it’s just… it’s so expensive and really, I need to save up more than ever.

Lots of Personal Stuff Going On

It’s not anything bad, really. Chu and I are working out as much as we can to get fit for Anime Expo, but we’re also talking about moving to a new apartment. The one we have now is great and everything… but there’s a lot of problems with it. Things keep falling apart and neighbors are always too loud! We’re trying to save up for that as well.

And then Chu and I are just spending a lot more time together period. Since my hours are being cut, and since we’re working out, we’re trying to do more things together and spend more time together. I haven’t really read any new manga to put up for Manic Manga quite yet. I’m trying to find some new stuff here and there and saving it for a rainy day but, lately, I’ve been so picky about the things I read.

Although, I am trying to watch more anime since I’ve subscribed to Crunchy Roll. I really want to get my money’s worth!!

But yeah, that’s everything I’ve been up to… My friend Chloe and I are thinking about opening a blog on reviewing Japanese snacks but eh, we’ll see on that. It could be fun and it could be interesting! But we shall see!


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