Package Unboxing: Popular Enough to Open!

Okay, this post is way overdue! As I mentioned before, work had kept me extremely busy (I worked 34 hours in four days T_T) but now that work is letting up on my hours, it should be better and I can get to work with more photoshoots, more Manic Manga, and finally start posting my character analysis here on this blog so it won’t be dead.

Anyway, I had ordered Tomoko on February 17, but she was shipped on February 19 (she left February 19 and arrived on March 3 using SAL registered on AmiAmi). Surprisingly, even though no one was at home until 5:30pm or so, the mailman had just stuck her in the package box in the mail room. I suppose that’s good… I guess poor Tomoko isn’t loved enough by the mail man for him to come up to my apartment…

I didn’t take as many pictures this time because Chu was really impatient and wanted to see what Tomoko looked like. ^^ He admits that he was curious about the nendoroid but he really wants a figma version of Tomoko – but I’ve heard that sales for the DVDs weren’t that well. All Tomoko is getting is just a nendoroid and little figures, and a manga.

And an OVA in October.

Sigh, I’m sorry Tomoko! I would buy your DVDs but they’re really expensive! I could only get what I could!

Thank you, AmiAmi, for once again getting my lovely figure home to me safely! I could never thank you enough. ^^

Before with the filter sheet on~!

And here’s Tomoko! I’m a little surprised that her box is so green… but I suppose it can’t be helped right? ^^ Once again, I’m really sorry for the lack of pictures, but hopefully the review portion of Tomoko’s figure can more than make up for that!

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