Ack! I’m still alive!

Hey all! I promise I’m not dead! I’ve just been really busy with work but now that I’m not getting as many hours, things should calm down now. I know I’m really behind now, after this post, I’m finally posting my Tomoko open package post! Please look forward to this!

In the meantime, I do want to talk about something else really quick before I do! I actually managed to get my self this little plastic drawer from my local Target store for $4.99, on March 8th! That’s a really good price for something that small!

I don’t know if you can tell but thanks to this little drawer, I could finally put my little accessories not only in a safer place but also in a more organized space! I really needed it! You see, I had been keeping them in a sandwich bag!!

Chu said that it was fine, but really it’s not. I really wanted to be able to switch faces, hands, arms, legs, etc without fear that I’m going to lose it as soon as I opened it. These are really small parts, I don’t understand how Chu doesn’t understand how easily these parts could be lost!

Right now, my nendoroid collection is just small enough for a small three drawer bin where I could easily separate the smaller parts with the stands, and face plates (and in Tomoko’s case, keep her extra pair of bangs together). I really like this convenience a lot better!

How do you keep your stuff organized? Do you have a drawer like mine or is it bigger? I guess being a collector means I have to be really organized, right? ^^


  1. I’m ashamed to admit where all of my figures are kept, lol. But for now they are kept in this $1 plastic tubs that we found at our local grocery store. I keep all their extra parts in plastic sandwich bags. Eventually we’ll have display cases for them… but we have to make them custom to fit in our shelves so it might be a while, lol

    1. Well, if you know where everything is, it should be okay. ^^ I’m just neurotic and I get paranoid and worried about my stuff~! Hopefully, you’ll get your display cases soon! I hope you’ll take pictures~!

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