Photoshoot #002: Matsuri 2014

On February 22, 2014, there was a local Japanese festival. ^^ Chu and I both went because we had missed it last year and the year before because of money and location problems! But, this year, we were determined to go! This year, I was going to get the merchandise I missed out on!

You see, the original intent for this festival is to show off Japanese culture, cuisine, and shows put on by Japanese people or those who have knowledge about it. However, in recent years, it’s becoming less about the culture and way more about anime, video games, and even KPop! I’m part of the problem too… I’m not safe from being guilty about this.

Despite this guilt, though, allow me to be selfish and still post this photoshoot I took of my nendoroids when I took them. This photoshoot isn’t much but, as usual, I’m still using my phone for these types of shoots! I only wanted to take them out for a few minutes just to play with their poses and see what can come out of it. Let’s take a look, hm?

Chu and I walked around for a couple hours but pretty soon we got really hungry so we wanted to get some food. But the lines were a little too long, so, instead, we went to this restaurant that grilled food outside. That’s where I decided to take my nendoroids out of my purse and decided to take a few pictures while we waited for our lunch. ^^

Anyway, Mikasa up there looks like she’s enjoying the nice weather! This world is a lot calmer than the Titan covered one, huh? ^^

Naegi showed up as well! But he seems to be enjoying the nice warm weather as well. Naegi and Mikasa get along, don’t worry, but they like to stay silent sometimes! Words aren’t always needed to get along best with others, I’m glad that Naegi and Mikasa get along for the most part! :3

Here’s a better shot of the two together! It kinda looks like Naegi’s dancing by himself while Mikasa is relaxing! Maybe Naegi could hear the music being played from afar! ^^

Mikasa is now people watching and watching the cosplayers and other people who visited the festival walk on by. Sometimes she’s confused on why certain people are wearing the same uniform as she… after all, there’s no Titans in the world, are there?

But she’s safe and there’s no reason to worry! Really, there isn’t! Relax, Mikasa, enjoy yourself!

Unlike the rest of the country right now, where I’m at, it’s very warm already in February! Naegi had to block his vision because of the harsh desert sun! I wonder if he’s feeling kinda warm underneath that hoodie of his!

Finally, the food is here and Naegi is really hungry! He looks like he’s ready to dig in!

Mikasa wasn’t that hungry but she’s still people watching. Are people in this world that interesting?? Hmm, maybe I should start people watching along with her!

But wait. I’m sure you guys noticed the background! There’s a box with a certain character on it? What could it be? Who could it be?

Do you know who this is? I’m sure you know who it is, especially if you’ve seen Mawaru Penguindrum. ^^ Princess of the Crystal~!

Until next time!



  1. Was it an outdoor festival? That would have been so awesome! I wish we had more events like this here in Alaska. Sadly we have only one really big convention a year. I think our local University has an annual Japanese Festival as well… but if they do they don’t really advertise for it.

    Gotta love Nendoroids! They’re perfect little pocket companions to take with you everywhere! :D

    1. Yeah! It was outside~! I’m sorry though you seem to have only one convention but I hope more start popping up soon for you!

      Hmm, maybe you should check one of these days! ^^

      They really do!! I get a little worried if their limbs come off but… as long as I’m careful with it, it should be fine, right?

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