Photoshoot #001: Naegi x Mikasa

Man, I’m sorry for all these extra posts! But I have all this backlog to do… Three more posts and then I’ll be caught up! Well, no, maybe four-five posts once Tomoko arrives. I’ll worry about that when the time comes! ^^

In any case, shortly after opening my Mikasa and Naegi boxes, I really wanted to take pictures of these two! They’re from different series but I feel like I would have a lot of fun playing with them anyway. ^^ Hehe. Let’s look at some of the pictures, shall we?

Also, remember I’m using my iPhone to take these pictures, so I’m really sorry for the bad quality. T_T

"I WILL find out what's going on!"

“I WILL find out what’s going on!”

I tried to get the lighting right so she could look ominous but hmm. Anyway, here’s Mikasa with her mouth scarf on. ^^ I had to remove her head in order to do so but that’s okay. It looks like she’s trying to go incognito but she’s obviously angry at something! I wonder what it could be?

"Wait a minute..."

“Wait a minute…”

Looks like Mikasa found out she’s not in her world anymore… Kyaa, don’t worry Mikasa, you’re not alone!

"Eh... I'm not in Hope's Peak anymore???"

“Eh… I’m not in Hope’s Peak anymore???”

Poor Naegi looks just as scared and lost as Mikasa! Well, it could be a good thing you’re not in Hope’s Peak anymore, Naegi! No more mutual killings. No more unnecessary deaths and executions… T___T

"This doesn't feel right! What's going on?!"

“This doesn’t feel right! What’s going on?!”

Nothing wrong with a new set of clothes, Mikasa! ^^ Aren’t you more comfortable? After all, it’s a lot better than that uniform you have to wear all the time, right? ^^

*muffled sounds*

*muffled sounds*

Naegi, I didn’t realize you’re into killing Titans! I’m kidding. ^^ I actually really like how this picture came out but as you can tell on Mika’s body, her limb is a little loose.

After a few hours of explaining to each other where they came from, it looks like the two of them finally accepted their fates. They’re stuck here, in this strange, world where grass is printed on fabrics with plaids. Everything around them is bigger than usual and they feel a little…squishier. That’s okay, guys. You’ll get used to this (non-animated) world here eventually~!

I think I interrupted something Naegi was telling Mikasa. I’m sorry! Don’t mind me~! I just want to take your pictures to show the world how cute you are!

Here’s a couple of side shots. These are all the same poses, by the way. I just wanted to catch how expressive these two are, even with their default faces, from different angles. ^^ I wonder what they’re talking about~!

And that’s it for this very first photoshoot. I tried my best to work with the lighting and, even though they’re not on their stands, I think it came out fairly well, yeah? I hope I can find a way to make them stand on their own without the stands! It’d be really nice to learn a technique like that. ^^ Maybe next time! And until next time, be the magical girl you always thought you are~!


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