Review: Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid from Attack on Titan

Today, we’re gong to look at the Mikasa Ackerman nendoroid! I still haven’t figured out how to properly put her on the stand yet, but I need time to practice! This post might be a little shorter than before only because I didn’t take as many pictures this time. Well, maybe only a few pictures shorter… I really wanted to take pictures of her and Naegi together – which will be the next post either tomorrow or whenever I can. ^^ Please look forward to it!

For now, let’s get started on this review, okay?

Because I’m stuck using my phone until I get a decent camera, Mikasa is nendoroid number 365 in the nendoroid lines! Her box is matched to the style of Shingeki no Kyojin, or known as “Attack on Titan”. This series is really popular recently and, even though this series is far from the stuff I usually watch. However, I was drawn to Mikasa because I always end up liking those characters who try their best to protect those they love and care for.

Her attitude strikes me as impressive and it’s understandable that not a lot of people consider that a strength but while she does have flaws, I really like her character a lot. She doesn’t try to bring attention to herself really – she just wants the job done.

But anyway, I think I’m getting a little off track!

Let’s look at the box, shall we?

Ugh, I couldn't keep it steady!

Ugh, I couldn’t keep it steady!

As usual, the box has a showcase of all the different poses that Mikasa can do! She can do all kinds, it seems~! And it looks like she comes with both her blades, as well as her 3D Gear, and a special effect for her blades that can help improve the pictures taken! Amazing! Let’s hurry up and open it!

Ahh, don’t mind me! It seems I always get nervous before I finally open the box!

I’m hurrying as much as I can~!

Here’s everything Mikasa should  have came with! It looks like I could also remove her hands (to hold her blades properly), as well as a scarf to put over her mouth! Let’s see what she actually comes with!

Oh, but wait a minute! It looks like she comes with extra instructions of how to put on her extra accessories! Neat! And that’s definitely going to be useful although I’m sure it would help me more if I understood Japanese…

Anyway, here’s everything she comes with! I like they tried to conserve space by putting the hands and arms, and even legs (so it looks like she’s running or jumping off of the buildings). I have to really be careful with how I handle everything! I really don’t want to lose it.

The puff of smoke, by the way, is for whenever she has her 3D Gear on her – the steam lets out so she could be able to jump building to building with more ease. But in the case, it’s just for a better photography chance to make her look just like from the anime!

"Where's Eren?!"

“Where’s Eren?!”

Here’s the second face plate (the first being her default, of course). She’s obviously angry or ready to kill a Titan. Mikasa isn’t very expressive – she seems to literally have her default face, this angry face, and (even though it’s rare) her scared/worried face. I think this fits her character well, especially in the situation she’s in along with Eren, Armin, and the rest of the troops. However, once she says something’s going to be done, it will be done!


And here’s her final face! She’s nervous, worried, or scared… something you don’t see the always tough Mikasa Ackerman show! Just like the show, I don’t think I’ll use this face plate too often. This look doesn’t fit Mikasa at all, even if she does get scared.

Here’s Mikasa in the plastic bag! As you can tell, she has her default face on and she looks like she has a little bit of an attitude already! I’m going to say this a lot so please bear with me – her default face is a lot more expressive than it seems. You’ll see once I start posting more pictures.

So let’s take her out of the bag!

Oh, wait! Before we do, here’s all the extra stands. Unlike the other nendoroids, there’s an extension of her regular stand that can help her fly like in the anime. I’m not sure if you can see it, but there’s an extra ball joint there in case I would need an extra one.

Finally, we can see Mikasa’s body!

After removing her bangs, I was able to take off her face and I got a close up shot of her body. You can tell with the detail that they paid a lot of attention to her character – they got her scarf down as well as the fact that she’s wearing her uniform. You can tell where the pockets are and where the folds could be. I’m really glad they gave her the mouth piece of the scarf like how she wears it in the anime.

I haven’t really sat down to try on her accessories but I did manage to get her blades in at one point. She holds them pretty well!

"Let me go, Titan!!"

“Let me go, Titan!!”

Even though I’m still a beginner nendoroid collector, I really like the feel of her but her arm is kinda loose. Please anticipate the photoshoot of this precious nendoroid fairly soon! ^^



  1. I have Eren and Levi pre-ordered. I really need to grab her while she’s still easily to get! I love all her detail work.

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