Review: Naegi Makoto Nendoroid from Dangan Ronpa!

Very recently, I made an important decision: I’m finally going to open my nendoroid boxes!! Chu, as usual, was trying to convince me otherwise because he was worried about the parts and, of course, the value will go down. I explained to him, as best I could, that these were meant to be played with and I really wanted to practice my photography skills. I told him that I’ve always wanted to take figure pictures like Sheng or Ahnpan or any one of these talented photographers. ^^

Plus, I told him, I needed a new camera anyway especially if we’re going to go Anime Expo this summer!

He told me I could do what I wanted, especially since I paid for them but I just wanted him to understand why I wanted to open them. Of course, he says he’s not going to open his own figure. But that’s okay because I have my little bundle of joy. ^^

Anyway, back to the review at hand~! This will be my first review and, right now, I’m really stupid and I can’t figure out how to put nendoroids on the stand. I feel really embarrassed about it because it seems everyone can do them with ease except me… But that should still be okay, right?

As you can tell from the box up above, Naegi is number 352 in the nendoroid line. You can tell on the box that they have the Dangan Ronpa logo on there to remind everyone where he’s from. ^^ Let’s look at the rest of the box, shall we?

I like that they included a little window on the side so we could get a side view of the figure inside~! Also, the poses that Naegi can do that’s seen from the anime/game. Well! Enough looking at the box! I had enough of it!

But first, let’s have one last look at Naegi before he finally comes out into the real, Monobear-less, world! He looks like he’s about ready to pass out, huh…? I better save him!

First, though, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for for a long time! Let me enjoy this moment for a minute… I can’t believe I’m finally opening the box of the very first nendoroid I own!

Looks like he’s sandwiched together by two giant pieces of plastic! He has to escape!

Here’s the instructions on how to put the nendoroid’s face plates on, as well as how to put them on the stand. The face plates were easy enough to figure out but the stand…! I don’t know why I’m having such a difficult time putting it on. I think I’m just really afraid of somehow snapping such a fragile thing in half (it wouldn’t be the first time I accidentally broke something precious after all u_u). Do you guys have any tips on how to put it on safely?

A list of all the parts he should have came with. I think it’s pretty important to keep these anyway just in case (and until I can get a plastic bin to put the parts in). I’m extremely notorious about losing things, especially since nendoroids come with pretty small parts. This list will probably serve me better as a guide or as a way to keep track of it. I’m very… particular about lists (I love them) so this will make it easier to keep track of!

Finally, all the parts he does come with! I’m super anxious to play with him!

“Put me down!”

Besides the default face, this is the first one Naegi comes with. Its his expression that he uses in the anime/game to point out that they’ve got a fact wrong (or it’s just a lot of hoopla). Or when he’s trying to corner Monobear from lying again! You get them, Naegi!

"Wh-what's going on?"

“Wh-what’s going on?”

This is his second (or third?) face. He’s pretty nervous because in almost all the cases, he’s always accused of murder or the classmates are being strange again. Or when he’s just nervous about something. I feel he’s cuter this way, I’m not sure why… I just want to protect him from everyone’s accusations!

I was actually really surprised by how smooth and tough (is that a good word to use?) the materials felt with the figure. For some reason, I had this idea that they were going to be extremely fragile! I mean, they are fragile but not dangerously so.

This is the stand Naegi came with, along with an extra for the “You’re wrong about that!” sign that he comes with. There’s also an extra ball joint that can be replaced on him if I needed to.

It looks like he has a bib!

Finally, I could hold him in my hand. He’s so cute! I really love the detail they put on him with his coat (including the little insignia) as well as the zipper and shoes – even though you can’t really see them that clearly. The hair on top is actually removable especially if I needed to change his face plate.

His joints are also ball-joined so I could move them without worrying about coming off. His right hand is removable, so he could achieve the thinking pose or consideration pose, but other than that, his arms can be removed as well. Once I removed his head (to see how he feels), I found out that I can actually remove the hoodie off of him so it looks like he’s wearing a regular coat instead of just a hoodie.

Let's see what's inside!

Let’s see what’s inside!

I’ve heard people say this back part can be pretty messy but on Naegi, it looks pretty clean to me. As you can tell, though, the details on his coat looks a little better and clearer than the earlier pictures. You can see that the zipper line is a little off but you can just look at the details that they’ve put on it! They must have had a hard time with that small zipline!

A closer look!

A closer look!

Here’s a closer look of the inside! I had to take off the little antenna he had on his head in order to take off his bangs and face. To be honest, it’s a little looser than I expected it to be so I’m going to have to be really careful where I put it or had last seen it.

At first, I had a little bit of trouble putting in the face plates for him because I didn’t realize that I had to slide it in just right (along with the bangs) for it to stay on.

"Help! Oogami-san, help!"

“Help! Oogami-san, help!”

Here he is with his nervous plate on and arms extended. I couldn’t really move his legs that much (he didn’t come with any leg parts) but that’s alright! I could still figure out some pictures with him. The details don’t really shine in this picture but I used my phone again for these pictures, and as usual, the flash came out really terrible. I should stop using it…

Here’s his back part. You can see the ball joint in his neck where you can move his head without fear of snapping him in half. Of course, I still have to be careful! I really like the detail on the hoodie but since, once again, I used my crappy flash from my phone, the colors look mismatched – it’s not! They really look well together and they put a lot of thought into it.

The shading of the hair though makes it look a bit more natural, I think. It looks like his hair kind of blends it and I like how they did that! The shading is really interesting!

"That's a lot of hoopla!"

“That’s a lot of hoopla!”

I really like Naegi! He’s a really simple nendoroid, especially since I’m very much a beginner right now. He didn’t come with a lot of accessories other than body parts (the trial stand and his infamous phrase), but I still have a lot of with him! I really like a lot of characters from Dangan Ronpa but I knew I definitely had to get Naegi! I really want to see if I could grab a Monobear and Usami nendoroids as well but maybe one day. For right now, I just want to enjoy my Super High School Level Good Luck charm, Naegi Makoto. ^^



  1. Nice first review! I’m still really new to Nendoroids and figure collecting so it’s nice to see somebody in the same boat! Really unfamiliar with this character, but you took nice detail shots of him.

    Maybe the problem your having with the stand is that the holes on the stand actually have two different sizes. Other than that they are just really stiff and can be a pain to maneuver. I’m still learning how to do it effectively. Another suggestion with the stand is that you don’t have to use it with the plastic square. Once the stand is secure in the back it can usually hold the character well as long as you have three points of contact on the ground.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! It really is nice to have someone in the same boat as you. T__T That way, we don’t feel so alone!

      Yeah! My problem is that I find the “correct” way to put in the stand but when I put in the figure, it doesn’t stay fastened. However, I shall try out these tips one day and I’ll let you know how they come out. :3

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