Officially Going to Anime Expo!


I’m really happy to announce that I just bought my ticket for Anime Expo 2014! I’ll be going with Chu, of course, but I’ve only managed to purchase my ticket right now. ^^; Money is a little tight, so Chu will have to buy his next time. I’m not worried because I know we’re going to pay for it before prices go up higher!

We’re going to stay with our friends too so that’ll help us with the cost. Sadly, I’m going to try my hardest not to pre-order any more nendoroids until I go to Anime Expo and purchase some figures there instead. I’ve actually updated my collection recently but once I get off my lazy butt to post a couple of things, I’ll give a proper update on that! ^^;

Anyway, unless Sakura and Aoba’s actual releases aren’t until the end of the year (or even next year), I’m definitely going to have to ignore other beautiful sales that I know is going to happen in the coming year. There’s going to be plenty of things I want (Sailor Moon merchandise alone would cost me a fortune…!!) but I made a promise to Chu! We’re going to save spending money for Anime Expo!

Since I’m going to make that decision, I’m going to start putting some character analysis and some manga reviews so this blog won’t be completely dead. I don’t want to kill a blog already! I have a terrible habit brewing already with hardly any posting but I want to nip it in the bud before that happens again.

But the real reasons why I’m going is because the original English cast for the American Sailor Moon are going to make an appearance there and I absolutely need to go! That’s my childhood right there! M-maybe I can pick up some Sailor Moon merchandise while I’m there… I really need official ones…

Not only that! There’s also going to be a fashion show with Kimura U! She’s apparently the ambassador of kawaii and I really want to show her that we Americans can be cute too! Please pick me for your show!

But that’s all for right now. They still haven’t announced the musical guest! I wonder who it could be…! I had gone to Anime Expo once to see Morning Musume., an idol group. In the meantime, I need to find a camera to buy before I leave. I don’t want to use my phone! By then, I don’t think I’ll even have room for a selca!



  1. So jealous! My brother in law is flying down from Alaska to go as well. He’s really excited to see the voice actors from Sailor Moon as well. One of these years I would love to go. I hope you plan on taking lots of pictures!

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