Package Unboxing: Mikasa’s Finally Here!

Now with a better watermark!

Now with a better watermark!

Finally, the cute Mikasa Ackerman nendoroid is here! Well, technically she came on February 11, 2014, (from January 28, 2014 to February 11, 2014 using SAL registered at Ami Ami) but I had to work at those times and I had other things to do. ^^ I have to apologize in advance because I currently have no camera right now. T___T I have to depend on my phone, which ran out of picture room… This is why I need a camera!

Anyway, the package unboxing is underneath the cut! Welcome home, Mikasa!

I had gotten up early that morning because something told me to wake up. So I did. It kinda sucks because I am not a morning person but I always listen to my instincts. ^^ When I got on my computer to check my tracking page, I was completely shocked to see that Mikasa had not only arrived in my town at 3am but she was actually out for delivery by 8am! I was so excited and I didn’t listen to music for the whole day because I wanted to keep an ear out in case the postman came over.

Sadly, he didn’t come knocking on my door until 4pm, the usual time to drop off mail at my apartment… But, nevertheless, I signed for her and instantly started to take pictures. ^o^

Address blocked out for hopefully obvious reasons. d: But I was just so excited!!

Let’s open the box! Let’s open the box!!

I think I see something!!

First, a thank you note from Ami-Ami. ^o^ No, no, thank you for getting my package home safely when I hear some scary stories about SAL shipping. T___T

And there she is, under that bad lighting and safely in that box! There was a type of sheet on top of her that protected MIkasa’s box from dirty and other stuff. :3

Here’s a better look of Mikasa’s box in the film:

Nice and safe!

Nice and safe!

So let’s take off the sheet to get a better look at her!!


Urk! Maybe not the clearest… I got a little too excited that I couldn’t keep it still. O: I’m really excited to have her here so I’m going to do something that I finally decided to do – open the box!


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