Pre-Ordered: Snow Miku Hatsune Magical Snow ver.

Snow Miku Hatsune Magical Snow ver. from Vocaloid (MFC link)

I could not resist any longer. You see, when I first saw her, I though she was really cute and adorable! Of course, though, that’s what nendos do – they charm you with their sweet, innocent looks and then I saw the price. My heart dropped. There was no way I could justify paying for almost $50-60 USD for her, never realizing that it’s a Wonder Fest special. Every day I would tease Chu about getting Miku, with him saying no of course – but he knows that I’m teasing.

And then Kahotan posted this entry on her blog and then my heart fell for her even more – if that was possible! Her costume was already lovely but I didn’t realize the accessories and faces she came with! O:

Though what really made me want Miku the most was the case and the book case that comes along with it. Wow!! They look so amazing! And another thing too is that I love the box that contains Miku because it’s in English and it can be kept around the apartment as decor as well. :3

When GSC said that orders from the US were going to get free shipping, I got excited and contacted my best friend, Ashu, to see if she wanted to get the figma Armin Arlet along with my Miku nendo. Well, the site was glitching out when she tried to preorder it – probably because it was just released for reservations.

But I didn’t read the fine print. I had to get an order ¥10,000 – and it only included this nendo, the figma version of Snow Miku, the figma of Armin, and the nendo of Mami Tomoe (School Uniform ver). Sadly, the figma Armin and the Miku nendo was not even enough (literally ¥800 yen away) to get it. Plus, Ashu decided not to get it and get the nendo version of Armin instead.

Eventually, Chu said tonight that maybe it is okay I can get it. I explained to him in detail that Miku nendo is only going to be on pre-order for a limited time. Finally, he surprised me! He caved! He said I could get it! Really?? Thank you!!

To be honest, I was worried there wasn’t going to be enough Mikus on the off chance I did decide to pre-order but I did! Yay! It’s going to cause a major dent in my wallet, but it’s a small price to pay for all the pictures I’m going to take of her. *_____* So ready for this!

Though, Chu said that the catch is that, because of that, I can’t pre-order anything next month – which is… going to be tough because I had told him I’m already getting Sakura and Aoba. I don’t know when their pre-order dates are coming up but I really hope it’s sometime late in March.

Anyway, I’m really excited for my precious Snow Miku!! It’s going to be a long 5 months though, just waiting for her to be released…


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