Ordered: Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid~!

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman (MFC link)

I got my invoice from AmiAmi last night – especially since I was pretty close to impulse buy the Yukiko Amagi (from Persona 4) nendoroid… Ugh. Thank goodness that stopped me. 8D

Mikasa ended up being only ¥4,320 (or about $43.10 in USD) because while it was great I got Naegi within a week, I don’t want to repeat what happened last time. I went with SAL, registered, shipping this time. It wasn’t that much but it certainly saved me, like maybe $3. :\a But I just paid rent and I have one more bill to take care of. After that, I’m going to be so penniless until payday. It sucks!

Well, let’s not focus on the sad parts. After all, it’s not like I’m totally alone. Still, I had a hard time letting go that amount of money. I’m not really used to dropping big money like that for things that aren’t essentials or food. I do realize that if I am going to start collecting nendoroids, there’s about three things I’m going to need to do:

  • Plan (and space out) my purchases
  • Learn how to make even better financial decisions
  • Get over the fact that I’m going to drop that much money (or more) on figures

I wonder if this how everyone felt at first when they got their first few or so figures. I have one more pre-order coming out but she’s coming out in February. I won’t reveal who it is but she’s the last one (for right now at least). = 3= I really want to get more but I have to remember the three things up above.

I keep mentioning that Chu & I are planning to go Anime Expo this year but, in all honestly, I really don’t know. Tickets are only (hah, only) $60 right now but they might go up by the time we finally make a decision.

Anyway, the only thing I can do is be patient for AmiAmi to ship my beloved Mikasa and refresh the USPS tracking site like mad, just as I did with Naegi. = 3=/

Edit February 01, 2013: I finally got the email from AmiAmi that she’s been shipped. ^^ I got a tracking code as well~! I’ll just be sitting here and refreshing the tracking page until she gets here. – 3-/


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