FigureCollector App Review


So I was browsing figure blogs today, as I usually do when I’m waiting for a certain company to e-mail me about a certain nendoroid, I stumbled upon this blog called Plastic Parfait. ^^ I was just browsing around, really, until I saw they had a page called “Collector App”!

I’m (lazily) trying to learn how to create an app myself and since I’m also a little bit of a technology nerd on top of everything else, I decided that I might as well give this a look!

First of all, I have to say that I have the iPhone 4S (okay, with a cracked screen but it still works) and I’m using the current iOS, which is the iOS7. This app says that it’s optimized for the iPhone 5 and iPhone Touch (current gen, I’m assuming). But since I have the iOS7 anyway, it should be fine, right?

So let’s download the app into the phone!

I was actually kind of surprised to find that there were 27 other apps for toy collecting, in general! I always knew in the back of my mind that there were all kinds of collectors, especially in the stuff that I’m interested in but I didn’t realize it extended to other types of toys. Shows how ignorant I am.

But anyway, just keep sliding until you see the logo at the top. You’ll know if you see it!

Anyway, the download itself didn’t take me that long so I’m going to go ahead and open it up finally.

Here’s what the front looks like when you first open it! It’s so cute. ^^ It has all the current figures that’s being updated on the MyFigureCollection’s website, as well as some teaser pictures for them; and, as you can plainly see, there’s a big red word “Login” for you to log in using your MyFigureCollection’s username and password!

Ahh, please don’t laugh at my small collection! Chu decided that we should combine our collection of figures together (he owns the Auron, Yojimbo, and the Shana figma) just so we both can say we have a collection. ^^ As you can see, I own the Aozora Hayato Petit in the banner up there – I took that photo! But I’m having trouble labeling this Sailor Moon figure in the database on the site since there’s so many Sailor Moon figures. @_@

Er, um, anyway. I think I’m getting a little off topic… But anyway. Yeah. You can tell from the screenshot that, again, it has the full title of the figure as well as the picture next to it so you can visualize what it actually is!

If you slide it to the right, though… You can see what figures I’ve ordered and my wishlist!

Here’s a neat thing about this app: when you touch to scroll up and down, it moves all the way up so you can get a better look at the list. I think this is especially useful for those who have either huge collections, wishlists (like me), or just browsing the site in general. ^^ It makes life a little easier and the big letters also makes it easier to read!

I’m near-sighted so I have to wear glasses and it’s a little difficult to see tiny text at times. However, with the large letters, this makes life easier and it makes it easier to scroll and read at a distance or when I have my glasses off at night or in the mornings.

The only real problem is that, I’m not sure if you can tell, but as a result of the large letters, it’s a little hard to read the full title. But, it’s just a nitpick. Plus, you can just touch on the figure to look at the full name anyway.

As for looking at the figure itself, again, it’s really easy to browse and it’s really easy to navigate. It looks like they really thought about their users for sure, which is highly appreciated.

It’s easy to go back. It’s easy to view pictures!

Well, it’s a little too easy to look at pictures. You see, I have pretty thick fingers so sometimes I could be accidentally touching the pictures when I had meant to touch something else. But, again, that’s probably just a nitpick. I’m probably not quite used to the interface just yet.

Would I recommend this to people? Yeah, I would! Well, only if they had the iOS7 and either the iPhone 5iPhone 4/4S, or the new iTouch of course. ^^ Besides some nitpicky things, this actually is a really nicely made app for the figure collector on the go!

Plus since it has a search feature, you can possibly check to see what’s legit and what’s not, especially if you go to anime conventions too. ^^

Yes, I like KPOP too! :3

Yes, I like KPOP too! :3

So for now, this app is going to be right next to my iMAL app (an app for My Anime List as well). ^^

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys the best part – it’s FREE! :3 So go ahead and take advantage of it~!


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